Stacked Earrings V

Long time visitors to this blog may remember that about two years ago I participated in the first of a series of fun wee earring-making blog hops. The idea was suggested by Malin de Koning, who proposed that a group of five of us make earrings from a collection of pairs of beads that she had put together (head here for more details and to see the first blog hop). Subsequenty, each of us put together a pack of beads and then sent them out to the rest of the group. The last time we did one of these blog hops was in February 2016, so it’s been a while. This final pack that we’ve been working with was put together by Heidi Post. And, through an usual turn of a events, I’ve actually had them since May, 2015! At the time, it was thought that this final hop would be happening much sooner than it is, and Heidi had to send something else to me, so she included her bead selection in the parcel.


I actually made some earrings when I received them. Just recently, with a date set for this hop, I looked at them afresh and ended up taking most of them apart and re-designing them. Looking at this photo above, I see that I really haven’t done a very good job of incorporating the larger beads to the right of the picture. The beads that first caught my eye were the black stick pearls on the left. It’s a shape I’ve used quite a bit in earrings in the past, using tektite and black tourmaline crystals. These first two pairs were both re-made recently.


The marvellous dark things are from Petra, of course. The other beads are from the pack.


I really liked the unusual colour mix in the lampwork beads at the top of these, and so I worked with it throughout this pair. The thing I like about these earrings is that they’re actually slightly awkward and strange in outline. I think I tend towards more conventional, balanced profiles when designing; it’s good to diverge from these habits sometimes.

The next pair were made not long after I received the pack.


A good part of them are beads from Heidi’s selection.

Now for the earrings made more recently. Here I’ve combined some of my porcelain tusks with the curved tube beads and a couple of other tiddlers from the pack. I’m afraid that they look frankly peculiar in this picture!


When they’re on, however, they’re going to sweep gracefully below the chin, framing the face. In the next pair I’ve mixed a selection of the kinda earthy, autumnal coloured beads from the pack with some black slice beads and some unpolished amber.


The drops, which match so well, are from Robyn Cove. Finally, I have two pairs of skinny stacks that barely make the grade because they only include a few of Heidi’s beads. The minimum we’re supposed to use is three and I’ve not managed to use any more than that in either pair. Still, they exist…


Again, more Petra pieces here, along with some lampwork from Linda Newnham.

I haven’t listed any of these yet. I could only face taking a few quick snaps this morning (hence my failure to take a more flattering picture of the tusk-y jobs). The whole silver listing marathon has left me with scant appetite for photography and drafting listings. At least some of them will find their way into the shop anon. If there is anything that particularly catches your eye, do message me through Etsy.

But before you do anything else, go check out what the others have made – the links are just below. A big ol’ thanks to Heidi for sending this cool pack of treats! And thanks to Malin, again, for setting this whole thing in motion!

Malin de Koning – BeadingByMalindeKoning –

Rebecca Anderson – SongBead –

Leah Curtis – BeadyEyedBunny –

Heidi Post – ExPostFacto –

Keeping Up With All The Things… new jewellery

So, for the last couple of weeks I have primarily been sat in my airing cupboard/metal studio, making tons of rings (and the odd earring). I know, I still haven’t managed to share any of this much mentioned metalwork. It’s been such a thing, and I feel I have this whole great epic tale to tell about it all. I shared a few pieces on Facebook a month or so ago, but I have made much more subsequently. All this means I’ve found little time to make my ‘regular’ beaded jewellery, and there’s been no bead making either! I’ll have to pull my ceramics finger out shortly because I’ve booked to do a one-off sawdust firing class later on in August and I need to get stuff prepared for that. As for making the regular jewellery, well, I’ve been fitting in a bit off it here and there. I’ve finally collected all these stray makes together and got them listed on Etsy today. Here they are…

bedouins 4 border crossing 1 entanglements 1 fallen nest 1 flight across the desert 1 for your sake 1 keeper of secrets 1 I meant for you to have it 1 leaf litter 1 market day 1 storm rolling in 1 the dancers what other body 1

Here’s another link to Etsy.

Right, time to get back in my metal hole….

Guess what?

Here’s another image heavy post packed with shots of new jewellery and very few words.  I am going to say something some day probably…

A Golden Glooming An Indisguiseable shade of twilight Coalescences Gloria Grey light, what more Hzard lights 1 in full possession 1 In other words, a violet lunar 1 Palming a tear persuasions 1 punctilio quite unhurt she came from eating ashes 1 shipbuilding spent in stitching They had come a long way when the wave has gone 1 whetted to brilliance witcheries 1

I listed the lot of them on Etsy last night. I’m never sure if it makes any difference if you drip feed listings into your shop or if you add them in bigger batches, like a shop update. Does it make a difference? Are there benefits and disadvantages both ways? Thoughts?

I am also building up quite a bead mountain. I’m managing to alternate between making jewellery and beads reasonably well. That will probably stop when I get round to glazing, however. Will they be ready before Xmas? Who knows! I hope so!

Earrings, the very many

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole ceramics thing, but it was good being able to climb out from under all those beads I made, to get them listed and shipped to their new homes, and then turn to making some jewellery. I started with some earring making, which soon resulted in the usual mountain of pairs. One of my favourite things to work with at the moment is handmade headpins. I made sure I kept some for me from my last round of firings.

Frayed Sun 1

(ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads)

Hard Won 1

(ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads, polymer discs – Jon Burgess)

Stars, Scrimshaw 1

(lampwork – Karin Hruza, ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads)

The Tropics First Hand 1

(lily head pins – Something to do Beads, ceramic beads – Happy Fish Things)

I also used some long Numinosity lampwork pins that I’ve been hoarding, (mis-) matching them with some Scorched Earth pieces.

congruities 1

(lampwork headpin – Numinosity Beads, ceramic spine – Scorched Earth)

on being luminous 1

(lampwork headpin – Numinosity Beads, ceramic spine – Scorched Earth)

No mismatching here. These have lovely little opals at the top.

ophelia 1

(lampwork headpins – Numinosity Beads)

All very botanical feeling, if you know what I mean. I also revisited the old sieve finding thing.

her sails in rags 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

turned sage, ancient 1

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

I seem to have developed a thing for floral decals just lately…

For Sheer Dumb Joy 1

(ceramic droppers – Kathrin Kneidl)

I Never Was Free 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

If I'm Not Free Now 1

(ceramic droppers – Kathrin Kneidl)

Lonesome When You Go 1

(porcelain beads – Something to do Beads; ceramic charms – Grubbi)

More decals here –

your broad tail was unfurled 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

The Exuberant 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

As you can see, there’s been lots of long chain cropping up in things.Half the knack 1

(raku connectors – Scorched Earth; lampwork beads – Numinosity Beads)

But I have attempted to make some shorter pairs for those who aren’t into shoulder dusters.

Light Leaves Slowly 1

(enamel plates – 4 Ophelia)

Linger on 1

(ceramic beads – Something to do Beads)

What Never Leaves 1

(bone china charms – Something to do Beads)

sometimes It's all you need 1

(ceramic beads – Nadia Terra, enamel plates – 4 Ophelia)

I love the simplicity of this last pair, in particular.

And finally, a little more Numinosity…

Bending to It 1

(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads, ceramic discs – Something to do Beads)

I’ve decided that I’m just going to list all of these on Etsy in one go. I gather that sort of thing isn’t advised. I should probably split them into smaller batches. But, really, I’ve never found it makes much difference. So, they’re available here right now!

A Ridiculous Number Of Earrings

Whoops! I went and made all the earrings. I started drafting this post a week ago and have been meaning to add all the bead makers and links. Instead of doing that I’ve been making yet more jewellery. I’m building up a backlog of blog posts that I’m needing to put out there. So, I’m just going to publish this as is. Please forgive me for the lack of links! These have all been listed on Etsy. The Crimson Petal

All The Other Business

An Entire Night Itself


Familiar Morphology

Feed Day With Dark

Freaked By Shade


In Which Wind Moves

Land and Water

Last Possessions

Like Singing

Neither One Thing

Old Heavens



Set Against

Some Smoke Stands Steadying Tallahatchie Tapestry 1 The Art Of Losing To Give Heat Unceasingly Union City Your Shadow

Journey's JargonHere’s another link to the shop. Ta-ra for now.

New Earrings

I’ve been very busy with the bead making lately – for some preview peeks, check out this post I did on Art Bead Scene. There’s also a giveaway – just comment to win!  But, in order to avoid getting into a making-firing-glazing tailspin, I’ve been having a day away from the clay here and there.  And on these days off I’ve been getting in a little jewellery designing, mainly earrings. Here’s what I’ve come up with in the last week or so. They’re all now listed on EtsySome Hidden Want 1

stars 1

peach star 1

(enamel plates – 4 Ophelia)

midnight and liberty 1

(ceramic drop headpins – Something to do Beads)

brights 1


strange spars of knowledge 1


(ceramic points – Marsha Neal Studio)

petals on a wet black bough

(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads)

Then lull, then leave off 1

(ceramic pod pins – Something to do Beads)

house 1

(pewter house charms – Inviciti)

earrings for me!

(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads)

Okay, so this last pair isn’t listed – they’re currently hanging out in my ears. All the others are available here.

Stacked Earring Challenge the Third

Before I say anything else, I really need to apologise some. As I’ve said before, angrily, I have a whole lot of trouble getting my blog set-up to approve the comments I really want to read from you living, breathing, reading folk. At the same time as it’s busy marking these comments as spam, it happily builds up great heaps of actual spam in the moderation queue. So, it gets hard to pull your much-appreciated comments out from the slew of bunkum.  I’ve just sifted through a mountain of spam and found numerous comments for the last post and posts prior to that. In short, I’m really sorry that people are having difficulty commenting, but if it doesn’t appear immediately (for which: sorry!), your comment should be unearthed in the not too distant future and I will be extremely grateful that you made it.

Anyway, on with the earring challenge.  You can read all about what it’s all about here. This  time it was Leah‘s turn to send out the beads. It was a real treat of a parcel.


I was really taken with a number of the beads in this little lot. I’m looking at it now and shaking my head over not having made more. Why didn’t I get round to using x, y, or z bead? Unusually, for me, I was particularly drawn to a number of the small beads in this parcel. The ribbed clay tubes were instant favourites when I spied them. I had soooo many  ideas for them – I had to get Leah to tell me where I could purchase more. Anyway, I had two designs I particularly wanted to try. One was to combine them with lots of the other small beads to finish little tassels on fine chain.

procession 1

(ear wires – Lucy Haslam)

With the exception of a couple of seed beads, all the beads on these chain drops are from Leah’s pack.  I guess they’re like lots of little stacks on the end of the chains.  The other plan I had was for these:

(candy cane sticks) 1

(polymer bicones – Graceful Willow)

I’m afraid they ended up being a bit of a cheat because while my design originally used three lots of Leah’s beads (one of the rules), it didn’t look right when I put them together.  Still, I really wanted to go ahead and make them anyway.  Similarly –

remembrance 1

These do have three sets of beads from the pack, however.  The other beads that really caught my eye when I opened my pack were the large turquoise czech glass bicones. I already have a number in different shades in my stash and I do like them a lot. I added red and purple beads from the pack and teamed them with some vintage filigree ring findings that I patinated.

dahlias and everlastings 1

(ear wires – Yvette Goodridge)

This pair also makes use of some of the larger beads in the pack.

tidemark 1

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

Finally, I made these:

slinks 1

Again, I’ve gone with a number of the little beads for this final pair.  I really enjoyed working with this pack – thank you, Leah! Now to go see what everyone else has made!

Rebecca Anderson – Songbead

Leah Curtis – Beady Eyed Bunny

Malin de Koning – Beading by Malin de Koning

Heidi Post – Ex Post Facto

Art Bead Scene team member’s challenge blog hop

Once again, the editorial team (or some of the editorial team!) from Art Bead Scene have decided to take on the monthly challenge. Here’s the challenge image.

Amapolas-News of spring and other nature studies 1917

Amapolas, 1913

Illustration published in News of Spring and Other Nature Studies

by Edward Julius Detmold

I have to admit that this one had me a little stumped. It’s been a hectic (for me) week and I left my makes till the last minute. So, yesterday saw me scratching around, desperately trying to put something together. For some reason, I was quite set on making earrings. I’m not sure what my problem was. There are a couple of obvious tropes – poppies and butterflies – but the things that appealed to me most in this image were the windswept-ness (nope, not a word) and the slightly faded, washed out colours. The poppies and butterflies I had in my stash were too crisp and stylised to work, so I tried focusing on the colours. As ever, Brandi’s palette post was a great help. I tried pulling together various elements using the different shades Brandi picked out, but I was still struggling. Finally, I remembered some suede poppies that I got some time ago. In the same box I found some lovely wooden oval shaped buttons, that matched the grey-brown in the palette. I stacked up some bead caps to form the poppy centres and – lo! – I had the makings of a pair of earrings. But I’d forgotten something – guess what? Art beads, of course!  I tried sitting a number of rondelles on the top of the buttons but they were all too big and too busy. Eventually, I reached for a pair of lampwork spacers that I’ve had for ages. They were just right: and a beautiful shade of deep olive green. Unfortunately, I’ve had them so long, I have forgotten where they came from….. Sorry!

poppy earrings 1

Perhaps art beads should be playing a more prominent role but, really, after all my troubles I decided they’d have to do.

poppy earrings 2

To compensate, I managed to come up with another pair. I decided to swerve the various reds and worked with some of the more muted, earthy shades, the greens and browns. I’d already been playing around with a pair of bronzy-brown Scorched Earth leaves. I teamed them with some of my own ceramic roses.

rose leaf earrings 1

The roses had actually been kiln casualties.  I glazed them with one of the most crazy glazes I’ve ever encountered (I hadn’t used it before). Anyway, it broke up in a very strange way, leaving the roses largely a creamy colour but with a subtle marbling of plum, which is a good match for that in Brandi’s palette.

detail rose

It’s quite a pleasing effect and I might have listed them if they hadn’t also adhered themselves to the wires on which they were hung. Still, I kept hold of them and now I had the perfect use for them. After sitting some dainty dusky pink and white picasso rondelles on top of the roses, I made the wires into connectors. I hung the leaves below them with more czech glass and some little porcelain beads.

rose leaf 2

Looking at these pieces, I seem to have travelled some way from the inspiration, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So long as the process leads to results with which you are happy, then the inspiration has served its purpose.

Be sure to have a look at what everyone else has come up with:

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