Bead Shop Update

Wow – get this! Blogging about a bead shop update before it happens! Not two weeks later! That heap of beads I was glazing are all done. I’ll be adding them to the shop tonight at 6.30pm (GMT). There aren’t going to be heaps of listings like the last couple of updates.  A good part of that heap of beads I shared last time were for me.

My beads

So that’s me sorted! But there’s still over sixty new items, including lots of earring pairs!

earring pairs

Lots of headpins –

head pins

Pairs of some of my current favourite rounds –

bead pairs

Cone caps –

cone group

Various bead sets –

bead sets

And assorted other things:


I also have this little pile which I’ll be sending off to Big Bead Little Bead very soon.

bblb beads

And I’ll also be offering a few of my other new pieces on Ceramic Art Bead Market, a Facebook auction site, which you can join easily just by clicking on ‘Join Group. That’s all for now! Hope to see you at 6.30 this evening in the bead shop. To finish, here’s a picture of a custom order I did – just like the picture…

custom order for heidi

New things – now listed

It’s been wall-to-wall glazing here this week.glazingI’ve got two batches of stoneware done and I’ve just put the first lot of earthenware in the kiln. I’m hoping I’ll get everything that’s left in one last firing. Please, Lord, let it be so. I’ve been thrilled with some of the stuff that’s come out of the stoneware firings. I’ve been meaning to take some quick pics to share here. But, before I move on to that, I haven’t shared the mother-load of jewellery that I’ve listed recently.  Remember that ton of stuff I shared a post-or-so ago? I told myself then: you must list as you make (otherwise you end up with this epic load of listing to do all in one go).  Yes, I’m sure I’ve said this before here too. Obviously, I didn’t followed this instruction and I had another stack to list. Thankfully, it is all in the shop now. Next time, next time…

No Truck

(enamel plates – Numinosity; lampwork – Puffafish)

and remembering forget 1 changable singing 4 Climactic Ornament

(ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads)

Conferring Wings

(pewter charms – Inviciti)


(ceramic connectors and headpins – Something to do Beads)

earrings for sarah 1

(ceramic leaf and drop – Scorched Earth; ceramic connector – Bo Hulley Beads)

Cracks and Reforms

(ceramic buds – Happy Fallout)


(ceramic leaves – Happy Fish)

feather by feather 1 Fire Points gossamer 1

(ceramic pendant – Scorched Earth)

Lamp Light

(lamp connectors – Inviciti)

Like Lances

(ceramic daggers – Scorched Earth)

Let Fall

(ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth; polymer bicones – Graceful Willow; ceramic drop headpin – Something to do Beads)

lone cloud 1

(ceramic cloud – Grubbi)

Neon Zambessi 1

(ceramic pendants – Scorched Earth)

not your monkeys 1

(ceramic face cube – Something to do Beads)

On A Steeple

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

pale favour 1

(ceramic feather pendant – Slate Studio; ceramic bead – Something to do Beads; ceramic ring – Scorched Earth)

recaptured 1

(ceramic feathers – Happy Fish)


(enamel plates – Numinosity)

Though Gently

(ceramic cones – Something to do Beads)

Twisted Into Permanence

(ceramic bone connector – Scorched Earth)

When Is Winter Spring All Human Life 1

(ceramic heart connector – Scorched Earth; ceramic pendant – Something to do Beads)

Some of these have sold, the rest are available here. Right, back to the glazing…