oh dear, oh dear, oh beads….

Oh dear


I had a bit of a hectic few days over the weekend and the backend of last week. I had some bead custom orders to make and a magazine project to make and write up.  The trouble is, I get caught up in doing these things and then things just get out of hand.  This is the result – bead mayhem. I have all these beads that I’ve ordered recently that I’ve either not had chance to put away or that I’ve left out with a view to making something.  And there are these ‘exploded’ orders that I’ve pulled open for the vital elements that I needed and that have remained in their ransacked state.


Predictably, there’s a Scorched Earth bundle that I raided last week.


Aren’t these toggles amazing?!


So, the task for this afternoon will be sorting this lot out, putting some away, deciding what I need to leave out to use in the near future.  Before I do that, I thought I’d share some of these new goodies with you – knowing you’re likely to be one of those peculiar individuals who loves looking at beads.  I’ve had some fabulous post days recently, this morning included.  I’m loving this new Moogin colourway.


I think at least 2/3s of this little bundle will be staying with me!  Here’s some more gorgeous glass.  I had these in my cart for some time; I’m so glad I got them.  They’re from Rachel Art – this is my first order from her.


The colour mix is fabulous: bright red and citrus shades with grey – it really works.  I’m just trying to work out how I can use a number of them together so I can incorporate the full range of colours in whatever I make.  They were beautifully presented too.  Here’s some more yummy glass, from Earthshine Beads (which was also beautifully packaged) – plus an enamel leaf from C-Koop.


I’m sure these should be used together – again, I just can’t work out how… Perhaps I’ll mix in some of these.IMG_2356

I love deep red picasso finish glass so I’m finding this pile very pleasing. I’ll be struggling to separate them, but I guess it must be done. (Beads here from The Curious Bead Shop, Lima Beads and Smitten Beads).  These headpins would fit in this mix rather nicely, I think.


Mmmm – lovely goodness from Bo Hulley, of course.  More ceramics here, from Happy Fallout.IMG_2387

This is the *third* set of palimpsest beads that I’ve ordered and I’ve still barely touched the first.  I. just. love. them.  I have a similar problem with my Jubilee beads.  These will be joining my sprawling conurbation.


Another building here, from Blueberribeads, along with some sweet hearts.


And here’s another first order from a new-to-me maker, Margit Boehmer.


Kinda wish I’d got more now. I also have a couple of bundles of vintage wonder waiting to be used/filed.  This lot is from Bumbershoot Supplies.


Loving those vintage sequins; I’ve wanted some for a while.  Fabulous colours!  I’m also loving this little lot too, from Vintage Bead Cache.


I think that’s the lot!  Thankfully I’ve also just received a pile of bead boxes.

dex yawning

Dexy finds beads very boring indeed.  He’s waiting on a walk, right now.


Not impressed. So, I’d best get on and walk him before turning my attention back to this chaos.  Before I go, a question (assuming you’re still reading!): white czech glass starburst coin or blue ceramic star?


I’m thinking white czech glass….