More jewellery and bead custom orders

The jewellery making frenzy continues. I am now, however, trying to do some bead-making alongside; seeing if that will help me round the problems I mentioned a while back. So, if you have any bead custom order requests, let me know. It’s probably better if you message me through Etsy, as the whole comments thing on this blog continues to be a bit of a nightmare (no, scratch that, a total nightmare). I’m afraid I can’t take custom orders for the moths – sorry! If I had to make them to order I think my head would blow pretty soon. Most other things are okay, I think. Also, if you do want something, please let me know sooner rather than later because I can’t always take custom orders; right now, I have a bit of time when I can. One other thing: it will be a few weeks before things are ready, perhaps up to four to six weeks.

Anyway, here’s the new jewellery. Sorry, but I’m feeling far too lazy to add the bead makers’ names (I know I should!). Mind you, it’s mostly stuff from my regular band of favourites, and if you’re interested in either art beads or my jewellery, you’ll probably be able to recognise them for yourself.

Air and Darkness 1 An Entire Night Itself 1 Apotropaic 3 cheree 1 Down River 1 Electric Lives 2 ghosts 1 Her Only Possession 1 Mercies1 One Giddy Day 1 riven 2 So To Speak Take Down The Clouds 1 Her far-off repose 1 The Content Of Light 1 The Earth Has Care 2 the old trophies 1 3 the quiet bones 1 The Slightest Hook 3 Tuned to the notes of forever 2 news from another planet 5 Wounded Air 1

Some of these have sold but all the rest are available on Etsy.

Earrings, the very many

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole ceramics thing, but it was good being able to climb out from under all those beads I made, to get them listed and shipped to their new homes, and then turn to making some jewellery. I started with some earring making, which soon resulted in the usual mountain of pairs. One of my favourite things to work with at the moment is handmade headpins. I made sure I kept some for me from my last round of firings.

Frayed Sun 1

(ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads)

Hard Won 1

(ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads, polymer discs – Jon Burgess)

Stars, Scrimshaw 1

(lampwork – Karin Hruza, ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads)

The Tropics First Hand 1

(lily head pins – Something to do Beads, ceramic beads – Happy Fish Things)

I also used some long Numinosity lampwork pins that I’ve been hoarding, (mis-) matching them with some Scorched Earth pieces.

congruities 1

(lampwork headpin – Numinosity Beads, ceramic spine – Scorched Earth)

on being luminous 1

(lampwork headpin – Numinosity Beads, ceramic spine – Scorched Earth)

No mismatching here. These have lovely little opals at the top.

ophelia 1

(lampwork headpins – Numinosity Beads)

All very botanical feeling, if you know what I mean. I also revisited the old sieve finding thing.

her sails in rags 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

turned sage, ancient 1

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

I seem to have developed a thing for floral decals just lately…

For Sheer Dumb Joy 1

(ceramic droppers – Kathrin Kneidl)

I Never Was Free 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

If I'm Not Free Now 1

(ceramic droppers – Kathrin Kneidl)

Lonesome When You Go 1

(porcelain beads – Something to do Beads; ceramic charms – Grubbi)

More decals here –

your broad tail was unfurled 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

The Exuberant 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

As you can see, there’s been lots of long chain cropping up in things.Half the knack 1

(raku connectors – Scorched Earth; lampwork beads – Numinosity Beads)

But I have attempted to make some shorter pairs for those who aren’t into shoulder dusters.

Light Leaves Slowly 1

(enamel plates – 4 Ophelia)

Linger on 1

(ceramic beads – Something to do Beads)

What Never Leaves 1

(bone china charms – Something to do Beads)

sometimes It's all you need 1

(ceramic beads – Nadia Terra, enamel plates – 4 Ophelia)

I love the simplicity of this last pair, in particular.

And finally, a little more Numinosity…

Bending to It 1

(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads, ceramic discs – Something to do Beads)

I’ve decided that I’m just going to list all of these on Etsy in one go. I gather that sort of thing isn’t advised. I should probably split them into smaller batches. But, really, I’ve never found it makes much difference. So, they’re available here right now!