More new jewellery

It’s market day again this weekend, so I’ve been busy making up more stock.  I hadn’t quite realised how busy, until I started taking all the photos.  They’re a bit dark, I’m afraid, but there’s plenty of them.  If there’s anything you fancy, just give me a shout.

stripe spike

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earthblue eyes

(ceramic charm, tube, cap and connector – Scorched Earth, lampwork bead – Tartan Trout, beaded bead – Malin de Koning, beach pottery button – Grey Bird Studio)

crystal clouds

(ceramic cloud – Grubbi)


olive owl

(ceramic owl – Blueberribeads)

pale heart

(ceramic heart – Bo Hulley Beads)

quatz-y house

(ceramic house – Elukka, patina clasp – Something to do Beads)

red flower cluster necklace

(lampwork focal – At The Edge (also Cheeky Cherub Designs))

the light

(ceramic lantern and charm – Scorched Earth)

verd bird pendant necklace

(ceramic heart charm – Scorched Earth, bronze polymer bird, patina chain and hoops – Something to do Beads)

Why must necklaces be so tricky to photograph?  These last earrings earrings aren’t actually going on the stall.  They’re already stuck in my ears.  Had to be done…

platinum drops

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

New designs

Just a quick blog post, this – with pictures of new jewellery designs, and very few words!  I’ll be doing my regular market in a week or so and I may not get around to listing these before then, so do let me know if there’s anything that catches you eye.poppy

(polymer poppy – Elise Canning, ceramic heart – Scorched Earth)

feather fall

(dip-dye vintage feather – Something to do Beads)

peacock saucer

(lampwork beads – Cheeky Cherub Designs, dyed patina chain – Something to do Beads)

feather bed

(ceramic heart – Scorched Earth, rose bead – Gaea)


(lampwork beads – Cheeky Cherub Designs)

ombre bird pearls

(porcelain bird – Blueberribeads)

Neu! – metal, metal

They’ve been a long time coming, but I finally have a huge new batch of beads to share with you all, which I’ll be listing this evening.  Before now, I’ve never really bought into any of the specialist products that are available for claying.  One of the good (and very handy!) things about poly clay is that you can often get away with using things that you happen to have around the house.  However, this year I resolved to start branching out a bit and to try some new materials and tools.  When I came across this patinating and colouring system a couple of months ago, I thought, ‘Oooo, that’s for me!’  It’s not really readily available in the UK – there’s one place that stocks some bits of it, in a pretty spasmodic way.  So, part of the delay has been down to waiting for parcels from the States – and, of course, waiting for customs to do their infamous handling of them.  It was all a bit pricey but, once I started, I couldn’t resist stocking up on the whole range.

It’s quite a time-consuming process, to use the stuff.  I had planned to write more about it here but I’ve been sleeping really badly, and I don’t have it about me today to stick too many sentences together!  So, I’ll keep it brief.  You start off with a clutch of regular baked beads, and you apply a primer, then a number of coats of a metal paint, either iron or copper or brass or bronze or silver.  The paint contains metal particles and a binder and so when it drys it actually forms a thin layer of metal (neat, eh? – I thought so!).  The paint also includes an acrylic element which adds strength to the metal coat and stops it flaking or cracking, etc.  Once you’ve built up this metal base and whilst your top coat is still a bit wet, you set off the oxidising process.  And then you wait… and wait…  ….but it’s worth it.  You can achieve various results, depending on which patina solution you use: beautiful, glowing verdigris bloom, rich crusty rusts, and lovely thick, dark grunginess.  And it doesn’t have to end there, because you can also apply dye oxides to colour the patina.  This looks particularly lovely with the verdigris patinas because the bloom just makes the colours glow.  Once you’re done there’s still a good bit of waiting to do.  You need to leave it another 72 hours to let all the metal and patina and dye set.  The dye is absorbed(?) – probably not the right word –  by the metal, etc., so it’s not going anywhere, which is quite smart.  Anyway, I’ll quit with the waffle and share some of the results.

painted washers group

buttons swell for blog

word beads group

various swell for blog

owl group - swell

yes - sets for blog

house group - swell

birds swell blog

And as you might guess, it’s not just polymer clay you can use this stuff on.  I’ll also be listng a small number of patinated vintage chains and components, and a few other metal based bits.  There aren’t many of these bits but I’m planning to get some bigger numbers made up soon.

coloured metal May 2013

And if you’re not liking the metal, don’t worry.  I’ll be stocking up all the old favourites as well.

reg beads may 2013

I’ve tried to think of everything!  I’ll be listing all the above and more between 6-7pm this evening.  I’m afraid that I am going to have to charge a bit more for the metal-ly pieces to cover all the additional costs, etc.  I hope you’ll think they’re worth it.  I can’t wait to get some more made up so I can use them myself!  But not today – today I’m just going to have a nice, quiet bead – all very still and gentle – and sit it out until I can crawl back into bed…

That time again

So it’s market time again and I’ve been preparing my stall.  Yesterday was the day for the frustrating and time-consuming task of deciding on a layout.  I’m going to pare it back and put less out.  I’ve been thinking that I might be getting towards guilty of cluttering.


Now I’m wondering if it’s looking too spare…  (The white candelabra thing-y is for cheaper earrings.)  As you’ll be able to tell, my flat gets a little cramped when I’m doing this.  I wasn’t aided by the presence of Dexy, who has been sporting some new headwear this week.

dex's bucket

There are few things more pathetic than the sight of a dog wearing one of these things.  He had a bite or something that he was fretting at.  Thankfully, it’s cleared up now and he’s allowed to go without it.  Whilst ministering to him, I’ve been making up a few new pieces for the market.

fox on the lawn 1

(polymer fox – Tree Wing Studio; polka dot ceramic round – Gaea)

starry-eyed owl 1

(ceramic owl bead – Jo Lucksted)

dawn arriving 1

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)

shoreline 1

(ceramic beads and charms – Scorched Earth)

lavender straights 1

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

 strung spirals 1

(ceramic spiral charms – Scorched Earth)

orchard 1

As ever, if you happen to be around Frome on Sunday, it would be great to see you.  I’ll be at the top of Catherine Hill from 10am to 2pm.