Another month gone just like that…

…which means it’s market day again this weekend.  And, to celebrate summer and folks being on their hols and the rest of it, they’re only going to set up a beach…


in Frome!  There will be donkey rides and everything. With a view to this – and general holiday-ness – I decided to do a couple of beach-y makes.

the sea and the sky 1

(ceramic urchin – Blueberribeads; ceramic wheel – Slate Studio)

beachy stack

(ceramic shell and bowl dropper – Scorched Earth)

I’m not wholly sure about these skinny stackers – I don’t know whether to offer them individually. If I do that, I may need to make more. Oh, I don’t know!

What else happens at this time of year?

devoted 1

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)

Weddings, of course. I don’t have any in my diary, but some of my friends seem to have one practically every weekend. I’ve titled this one ‘Devoted’; as a result, I have an Olivia Newton-John earworm on the go. (Apologies for the grey photo: I forgot to photo this one with the others, and by the time I remembered the sun was going down). Here’s another new bracelet.

the green path

(ceramic house – Elukka)

And a new pair of earrings. Both the labradorites were glow-y when I put these together – now one doesn’t want to play.

blue lagoon hearts

(ceramic hearts – Happy Fish Things)

And that, would you believe it, is the full extent of my new makes this month. I know!  It’s because of all the time I’ve given over to working on the ceramics. I’m getting there with that now. I’m at the stage where I’m making multiples of designs that I think have worked. So I hope – and I stress hope, because who knows what might go wrong! – that I’ll have some to show you and share in the next few weeks. (Fingers crossed!)  Fortunately, I do have some other kinda new items for the stall. I had a number of pieces published in the current issue of 101 BNE.  They all arrived home from their transatlantic trip the other week so I can now offer them for sale.  All of the following pieces were in the magazine.

between the leaves 1

(ceramic leaf – Bo Hulley)

earthen bird

feathered bed

(ceramic leaf – Ktotten)

ripening 1

(ceramic pendant – Blueberribeads, lampwork rondelles – Cat Lampwork, ceramic rice bead – Golem)

sharp and sweet

soft geometry 1

(ceramic coin – Bo Hulley; lampwork rondelle – Glass Bead Art; polymer flower – Tree Wings Studio)tideline 1

(ceramic driftwood pendant – Scorched Earth; large pitted ceramic bead – Happy Fallout; ceramic melon – Gaea; ceramic discs – Jubilee; ceramic and copper clasp – Bo Hulley / The Curious Bead Shop)

If there’s anything in this post that catches your eye, do let me know.  And, as ever, if you’re in or around Frome this Sunday (remember, there will be donkeys!) do stop and say hello. I’ll be set up outside Fat Face, in the town centre, from 10am till 3pm.

Art Bead Scene – team members’ challenge blog hop (July 2014)

When this impromptu blog hop was suggested a couple of days ago I had a couple of doubts.  I knew I didn’t have any art beads that obviously fitted the subject matter of this month’s Art Bead Scene challenge image.Little_Mermaid_-_mermaids_treasures_-_Edmund_Dulac_for_Andersen

(Edmund Dulac – illustration for ‘The Little Mermaid’, 1911)

But also – can I admit this? – it’s not an image that’s entirely to my taste.  Also, I’m not a great enthusiast when it comes to mermaids and other mythical creatures.  But I wanted to play along and take part in the challenge with the rest of the team.  So, I decided to be led by the colours and some of the textures and shapes, rather than focusing on the narrative content. In concentrating on the colours, I found Brandi’s colour palette post really handy.  I started with a pair of earrings.

ocean bed 1

I received these scrummy turquoise droppers from Scorched Earth earlier this week. I’d left them on my bead table because I knew I was keen to do something with them. I’ve added some faux coral lampwork beads from Glass Bead Art. They have all sorts of colours swirled through them; primarily, they’re a plum colour but there are also purples, blues, reds and creams.

ocean bed 4

The frayed sari silk bow and the copper twists (from Cinnamon Jewellery) nod to the fronds of seaweed in the image. I’ve listed these earrings here on Etsy.

I had planned to use some of my precious selection of Carolyn Saxby‘s fibre beads to make another pair of earrings. They seemed a perfect match for the many shades and textures in Dulac’s painting.  However, I didn’t have two in the right colours that matched in size. So, I decided to use just one as a pendant focal instead.

ocean bed necklace

Along with Carolyn’s bead, I’ve used a lampwork barrel from Helen Chalmers, some patinated chain and a hammered ring from Grubbi, and some of my own patinated chain. It’s a fairly simple necklace but it’s a style I really like to wear so I think I’ll be keeping it for me.  Now I’m off to see what everyone else has made. I’m anticipating some great designs!

Mary Harding
Rebecca Anderson
Ema Kilroy
Claire Lockwood (you are here)

Market time, so, yep, more new jewellery…

Before anything else: a while ago one of you much-appreciated readers of this blog told me that they were trying to post comments but they didn’t show up. I’ve had a real nightmare trying to deal with spam and it seems that the spam filters I tried to put in place are somehow not approving the few comments that I actually want to receive (as opposed to the wealth of junk about louboutin shoes and prescription drugs).  I’ve just checked my spam and found several ‘proper’ comments that had been filed there. I’m telling you all this because I really do appreciate it when people take the time to comment and if you are having problems commenting I’d really, really appreciate it if you took the time to let me know.



it’s market time again this Sunday.  Which, of course, means I have a shedload of new designs to share with you. I’ve managed to get most of them listed on Etsy, but this first crop of earrings have been made in the last day or so, so they’re not listed yet. If you want any of them, do drop me a line.

ruched tips

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

I hadn’t made any SE tip earrings in an age so I thought I’d rustle up a fresh pair for the stall.  These painted pebbles are also popular.

always the ocean

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

I’ve been trying to make some shorter earrings – not everyone wants shoulder scraping drops – but it leaves me thinking: too simple?  I’ve also been trying to make some less expensive earrings, like these.

old rose stacks

You can have these for £14.50. What else? I picked up this pack of beautiful feathers a while ago. And then forgot all about them – until the other day.

dotty 1

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

I particularly like how they look in the photos I took – so I’m including a couple…

dotty 2

I love these SE stitched droppers. I have a similar pair that I’ve been wearing a lot.

outer reaches

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

I could perhaps have done to be more inventive with what I put with them – what d’ya think?  Same thing with this pair:

chinese whisperers

Now for the stuff that’s been listed. My run of necklace making (and making necklace I actually like!) has continued…

through the leaves 1

(polymer bird – Jetta Bug Jewelry; rusty patina connector – Something to do Beads)

resting place 1

(polymer owl – Jetta Bug Jewelry; ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth)

in the silver light 1

(ceramic building – Jubilee)

Two of these have been reserved but the one with the rusty connector is still available.  Bracelets next.

bouquet 1

(polymer flower – Elise Canning; ceramic flowers – Captured Moments)

first dew 1

(ceramic bead – Jubilee; beaded beads – Rebecca Anderson)

from the vine 1

(ceramic rounds – Blueberribeads and Golem Studios; lampwork round – Cheeky Cherub Designs)

jacaranda 1

(ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth)

journey's end 1

(driftwood bead – Nature Scavenger)

tail feather 1

(ceramic round – Anne Lidbetter)

And finally, a few more earrings

festival 1

(ceramic barrels – Kays Crea Corner)

trick in the tale 1

(ceramic droppers – Happy Fish Things)

smokey blooms 1

As always, if you’re in or around Frome tomorrow, do drop by and say hello. I’ll be outside the George Hotel, just by the music stage, from 10am to 3pm.