New Earrings

I’ve been very busy with the bead making lately – for some preview peeks, check out this post I did on Art Bead Scene. There’s also a giveaway – just comment to win!  But, in order to avoid getting into a making-firing-glazing tailspin, I’ve been having a day away from the clay here and there.  And on these days off I’ve been getting in a little jewellery designing, mainly earrings. Here’s what I’ve come up with in the last week or so. They’re all now listed on EtsySome Hidden Want 1

stars 1

peach star 1

(enamel plates – 4 Ophelia)

midnight and liberty 1

(ceramic drop headpins – Something to do Beads)

brights 1


strange spars of knowledge 1


(ceramic points – Marsha Neal Studio)

petals on a wet black bough

(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads)

Then lull, then leave off 1

(ceramic pod pins – Something to do Beads)

house 1

(pewter house charms – Inviciti)

earrings for me!

(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads)

Okay, so this last pair isn’t listed – they’re currently hanging out in my ears. All the others are available here.

Art Bead Scene – Editors Take The Challenge (July 2015)

I haven’t participated in the Art Bead Scene editors blog hop for some months now, but I’ve pulled out the stops and joined in this month. Each month some or all of the Art Bead Scene editors join with the readers in making jewellery inspired by the monthly challenge image and participate in a blog hop to share their makes.

800px-Bartholomeus_van_der_Ast_still_life_with_shellsStill Life with Shells, (1640)

Balthasar van der Ast

This painting has really grown on me.  It’s funny; when I decided that I’d make sure to take part this month, the planned challenge image was actually a different painting. I really liked it and when, because of doubts over the copyright, it was pulled at the last minute, I was a little disappointed. But, like I said, I’ve found this painting increasingly intriguing. I like what it does with the rubric of the still life. You initially assume it to be a faithful study of shells and other natural forms, but then you find, with a closer look, that there’s something subtly fantastical about it all. I also really like the colours, along with all the patterns and textures of the shells. I did an Etsy picks post last week focusing on these features, and, in the pieces I’ve made, I’ve been very much lead by them. First up, a pair of earrings:

A Catch of Thorn 1
(ceramic spines – Slate Studio; lampwork glass – Glass Bead Art)
I originally picked up the little bits of twig I’ve used here for a different pair of earrings. They didn’t work in that design but I was very pleased to have them to hand to use in this pair.  In the Etsy picks post I featured a pair of lampwork beads from Naos Glass. I’ve actually had some of them in my stash for an age and this seemed like the perfect occasion to use them finally.  I’ve teamed them with some of my carved porcelain drops.
 (lampwork – Naos Glass; ceramic drops – Something to do Beads)
Next I went for a necklace. This was prompted by me wanting to use one of these shell pendants that I got ages ago. They were one of those purchases where you don’t think to check the size, where they turn up and they’re much, much bigger than you imagined? Well, I made the necklace, but I decided the shell pendant looked a little cheap and uninteresting next to everything else, so I’ve swapped it for a Scorched Earth pendant, which is far nicer.
Further Out
(ceramic pendant – Scorched Earth; ceramic connector – Slate Studio; porcelain shard – Something to do Beads)
Why must necklaces be so tricky to photograph? I followed this up with a bracelet that is also rather resistant to having its photo taken. Oodles of art beads in this one.
Down By the Water
(lampwork – Outwest, Bluhealer, Glass Bead Art; ceramic bead and bar – Something to do Beads)
Another of my Etsy picks was a set of Marsha Neal’s ceramic points. Again, I’ve got a little collection of these which I’ve been a-hoarding quite some time. So for my final pair of earrings, as with the Naos glass, I made myself put some to use.
Deep Down Things 1
(ceramic whorls – Marsha Neal; fibre beads – Cornish Contemporary)
I’m rather tempted to hold onto some of the earrings but I’m keeping up my self discipline and all these pieces are now listed on Etsy.
Here’s the links to all the other participants from the team:

Ta Dah!

Look at this. This is the clearest and most tidy that my work table has been since… since… I started working on it:

photo 1-2

Also: I have a tidy, tidy stash:

photo 2

All orders are packed (thank you!):

photo 1-2 copy 2

Essential purchases have been made and delivered –

photo 1-2 copy

– and appraised by Dexy:

photo 3

And unwrapped:


(yep, all essential stuff, that….)

Which means….. it’s time to get the mud out!:

photo 4

If you have any bead custom order requests, now would be a good time to ask. Email me:

New Jewellery

These are all now available on Etsy. Well, some have sold but the rest are in the shop

brand new box of matches 1

(ceramic sticks – Something to do Beads)


(Enamel plates – Numinosity Beads; beaded beads – Rebecca Anderson)

clinker 1

(ceramic discs – Grubbi; lampwork – Numinosity Beads; Glass Bead Art)

colours and the kids

(ceramic charms – Grubbi)

end of day 1

(beaded beads – Rebecca Anderson; ceramic droppers – Something to do Beads)

happy accidents 1

(porcelain cones – Something to do Beads)

In Strange Steps

(ceramic droppers – Something to do Beads)

passing 1

(ceramic flower – Scorched Earth)


(enamel plates – Numinosity Beads)

Rock me out

(polymer bead – Shipwreck Dandy Supply; ceramic heart charm – Scorched Earth; lampwork disc – Bluhealer; ceramic beads – Something to do Beads)

the clouds get enough attention

(lampwork beads – Numinosity Beads)

Come loose your dogs

(ceramic feather – Scorched Earth)

I rose from marsh mud 1

(ceramic connector – Scorched Earth)

livia 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

paintworks 1

(ceramic charms – Grubbi)

Perfection's Faults

(ceramic beads and cone – Something to do Beads)


(polymer bicones – Graceful Willow)

Shook Foil

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)


(ceramics – Scorched Earth)

Sweet ekes

Tender Buttons

(polymer beads – Shipwreck Dandy Supply; ceramic bar and beads – Something to do Beads)

the urgent wave 1

(ceramic cap – Scorched Earth; ceramic beads – Something to do Beads)

uprooted 1

(ceramic houses – Lesley Watt; ceramic connectors – Something to do Beads)


(ceramic headpins – Something to do Beads)

Whirl up, sea -

Bead Shop Sale!

So, I must be brief because Ive had far too little sleep and I’m struggling with the simplest of things. This is just to say that there’s a lil’ sale going on in the bead shop. You can get 25% off all beads if you use the coupon code SAVE25 when you checkout. The sale runs through the weekend, until Sunday night / Monday morning. Here’s a few of the things you could bag.






Click here to see what else is available. Cheers!