BLACK FRIDAY – CYBER MONDAY offers / New Jewellery

With these two markets taking place this weekend, I’ve been a bit unsure what to do about Black Friday-Cyber Monday offers.  I’m sure I must have sufficient stock, but I don’t really want to be offering a discount online whilst selling things full price, and I don’t have the tech-skills to keep the shop open and remove items that sell at the market.  So, reluctantly, I’ll be shutting the jewellery shop on Saturday and Sunday.  But, come Monday, I’ll be offering 20% off all jewellery with the discount code CYBER20, and I’ll run this offer through the week until some time next weekend (haven’t settled on that detail yet).  Fancy a preliminary browse?: click here.  The bead shop is not as full as I’d like, so to compensate and tempt you in, I’m offering a hoofing great 25% off!  And – guess what? – since you’re taking the time to read this, I can tell you that the code is already active: CYBER25!  There’s still a couple of pages of goodies to be had, including this wee guy:

verd copper owl face

Now, I mentioned yesterday that I have a few new jewellery designs to share.  There are quite a number… The pieces that don’t sell will be available on Monday to buy at the discounted price, although I won’t have chance to get all these new things listed by then.  So, if anything here takes your fancy but you want to hold out till Monday to get the discount, just drop me a line, here or through Etsy, and – if it hasn’t sold over the weekend – I’ll get it listed for you promptly.  Okay, I think that’s all the details covered.  Here’s the new stuff – like I said, there’s, ahem, quite a number…

blue tower

(raku tower – Jubilee)


(painted pebble – Plymouth Rocks)

couple of kooks

(patinated pods – Something to do Beads)

ombre pebbles

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

pale pansy

(polymer flower – Elise Canning, ceramic flowers – Captured Moments)


(polymer pear – Rejetta Sellers)

champagne petals

(enamel bead – Gardanne)

pyrite pebbles

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)


(polymer penguin – Rejetta Sellers)

pop pewter bird

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)

cool blue bear

(Ruddy winter light!!!)

(ceramic bead – Jo Lucksted)

bound quartz

(and again, damn it!)

(lampwork lentil – Moogin)

feathered shards

(polymer beads – Beads by Earthtones)

deep sea finds

(copper pendant – Swirl Bead, ceramic drop, cap and spike – Scorched Earth, polymer pod – Something to do Beads)

Forest Stag

(ceramic stag bead – Jo Lucksted)

long tall skinny

(metal drops – 4 Ophelia)

mixed coins

(ceramic lentil – Golem, polymer coin – Something to do Beads)

pearl bird

(damn, damn, damn!)

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads, ceramic discs – Scorched Earth)

picasso coins

(ceramic charms – Scorched Earth)

royal coins

(decoupage coins – Eryka Garbutt)


(polymer round – Orly Fuchs Galchen, pitted ceramic bead – Happy Fallout)

silver leaves


(lampwork beads – Cat Lampwork)

square swirl

(polymer cube – Swirl Bead, enamel charm – Gardanne)

There’s still more, believe it or not… here’s the ones with no art beads –

faded feathers



jasper blooms

royal vintage

square columns


You made it!  That’s the lot!

Two markets: one weekend….

It’s been a while – things have been pretty busy here.  Some time ago I blithely signed up to do two markets in one weekend.  Well, that’s now this coming weekend – what was I thinking?  Both markets are big Christmas events and worth a visit if you’re in the area.  On Saturday I’ll be joining Magpies and I in their Spiegeltent in Bristol.tumblr_inline_mwrymaoE5G1r5a0ba

Then, on Sunday, it’s back to Frome for the Christmas Supermarket.


I’ve no idea how much stock I’ll need but I’ve optimistically made up a lots of Scorched Earth tip earrings as they tend to be popular.  crackle tips

scraff tips

forest tips

fuchsia tips

hematite tipslagoon tips

If you fancy any of these, do drop me a line.  There’s a heap of other pieces that I’ll be back to share before the weekend.  Ta-ra for now.

New Beads – Shop Update 10.11.13

So, I’ve had a bit of a bead making session this last week.  I’ll be updating the bead shop tomorrow night.  There are a number of new designs.  After doing so many things with the metal paint and patina, I’ve been giving some thought to ‘plain’ polymer designs.  Sometimes you just want brighter colours.  Not all of my plans were successful but I’ve made some pairs that turned out quite nicely.

speckle swirl inked

sombrero inked 2

blue carved lanterns 1

Okay, so this last pair isn’t so bright, but these are.

heart clasps

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make beads that do what they say.  I’ve been held back by not having the right text stamps. I’m still on the lookout for the ideal alphabet, but I managed to make do with some stamps I already have to make these clasps.

I don’t tend to go overboard on seasonal deigns, but I thought a few simple snowflakes wouldn’t hurt.


This house is also rather wintery too.

brown winter house

There are more houses available in a couple of other colours so there’s a bit of choice.  I did end up getting the patina paints out. I had a custom order…

leaves for natalie

…so, I made up a few other pieces.  I love this dotted rusty finish.

rusty dotted beads

Here are some of the other patina pieces that I’ll be listing.

other patina

It’s been a while since I made up any of these:

blue dip-dye beads

So, I’ve made up a couple of sets, and I’ve upscaled the design, using some large vintage pleated drop beads.

dip dye drops

It’s hard to tell from these photos but the single bead is really quite large – perfect for a necklace focal.

That’s a good part of the new stuff covered but there are some other pieces that’ll be listed, so do check the shop tomorrow night if you want to see the lot.  I’ll be listing them in the evening, around 6.30pm.  And, if that’s not enough, this lot will be heading to Big Bead Little Bead some time soon.

bblb beads

One last time: here’s the link to my shop.  Hope to see you there!

Market day – new designs

So, I did say something about trying to string some sentences together this time.  Well, that’s one; this is another.  It’s market day again tomorrow.1424581_413565642100234_1186495725_n

So, I’ve been busy making more new pieces this week.  Which means, yep, I have yet more photos to share.  Here we go…

lava loop

(ceramic bead – Golem)

Curious Bird

(ceramic bird – Scorched Earth, Polymer Button – Swoondimples)

circus blooms

(ceramic beads – Golem)

aqua jam

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

Deco poppy_edited-1

(ceramic bead – Golem, lampwork beads – Helen Chalmers)

fine silver tips

 (ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

Fire scales

(ceramic scales – Scorched Earth)

Few words

(polymer pendant – Swoondimples)

Blue Horizon

 (ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)


 (polymer button – Amanda Davie, ceramic bands – Scorched Earth, lampwork beads – Glass Bead Art)

crackle blue

 (ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

Teal poppy

(ceramic bead – Golem)

Sentences next time!  Probably…