In the meantime…

I’m struggling to believe it is actually happening, but look what’s showing up here tomorrow!!!


I’m almost a little nervous!  I’ve been working on a heap of greenware so I have something to stick in it.  I also have a heap of completed beads that I need to get in the shop. I was hoping to do an update this week but I’ve decided to postpone it till next week because there’s too much other stuff going on in the next few days and I’m away at the weekend. Plus, I wimped out of taking photos today because of hurricane what’s-his-name.  I have found time to make some new jewellery here and there, and miraculously I’ve got it all listed too. It’s ridiculous: sometimes I almost find myself put off making jewellery simply by the prospect of all that photo-taking and photo-shopping and listing. I think it would be easier if I had a permanent photo set-up but there’s no room for that… Anyway, there are lots of new bracelets in the shop.

tumbles 1

(ceramic rectangle – Golem Studio; ceramic rondelle – Happy Fallout)

bookish 1

(ceramic book – Jubilee)

dancing star 1

Hopscotch 1

(ceramic discs – Scorched Earth)

plaited silk 1

(ceramic connector – Slate Studio)

slender lines 1

(ceramic oval – Jubilee)

woodland hare 1

(ceramic hare bead – Jo Lucksted)

tapestry 1

(polymer rose – Elise Canning)

I also made a couple of new necklaces. There’s a tutorial for this one over on Art Bead Scene today.

desert dry 1

(ceramic spike – Scorched Earth, ceramic dropper – Something to do Beads)

garland 1

(polymer flower – Elise Canning)

Finally, I challenged myself to make some earrings that departed from some of the earring habits I’ve fallen into recently.

prarie rose 1

the spoils 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

waiting for night 1

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

That’s the lot. As, I said, it’s all been listed.  All being well, next time I’ll be back with bead images and details for the shop update.

Art Bead Scene – team members’ challenge blog hop (October 2014)

I really love this month’s ABS challenge image, Milton Avery’s Autumn.

autumn-1944 Milton AveryIf you read this blog regularly you’ll know I’ve been busy making stacks of autumnal pieces, but none of them have included the unusual touches of purple-pink and deep blue found in Avery’s painting.  So this felt like a whole new brief and I’m really glad I found the time to make something. When Heather suggested this ABS team members’, challenge I hadn’t been certain that I’d have the opportunity to make anything. But, anyway, I did and here it is.

fauve 1Just adding the blue and the purple-pink really creates a departure from the more typical autumn shades.  I included one of my beads: the little blue owl. I’d kept hold of him because the glaze on him isn’t as even as it could be and he has that slight blotch around the eye. I rather like him, imperfections and all, and I think he looks quite at home here. In Brandi’s palette post, she picks out a pale grey blue as well as a deeper blue and that wee owl introduces the former. Brandi also picked out an even deeper, almost black blue. I’ve added this tone with the inclusion of a patinated hoop from Grubbi.  To get that vivid purple-pink, I reached for a strand of pink crazy lace agate that I’ve had for an age.

fauve 2You can see both the pink and the blue in the final art bead I used in this piece, a glittering raku round from Elements Pottery.  It’s been a bit of a colour eye-opener for me, this challenge, and I’m always really grateful when I get one of those! I have some doubts about the orange flower at the front and have been wondering if it’s a bit too sudden. But, I figured Avery’s painting has plenty of sudden colour so it’s staying put!  This bracelet is available here in my Etsy shop.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the team have come up with – I’m expecting quite a range of different takes on the challenge image. To see what everyone else has made just follow these links.

New jewellery round-up

My jewellery making has been curtailed recently, what with all the bead making.  However, I have found time, here and there, to make a few new pieces.  My resolution not to make stacks of autumnal designs didn’t stand for very long.

falling leaves 1

(enamel leaf – C-Koop)

one leaf, two leaves 1

(ceramic tubes – Golem Studios)

love leaves 1

(ceramic hearts and button – Bo Hulley)

I guess this last couple aren’t too autumnal. Can’t say the same about these…

turning leaves 1

I’ve also been working in some of my new beads, which has been particularly satisfying.

between the leaves 1

(ceramic bird – Something to do Beads)

lone flyer 1

(ceramic bird – Something to do Beads)

You can tell that the season has turned just by looking at some of these photos, particularly the ones I took of this necklace.

flying south 2

(ceramic bird – Slate Studio, ceramic coins – Blueberribeads)

I had to photoshop the bejesus out of them just to get them looking this respectable, which isn’t very respectable. I should take them again really…. we’ll see… Lots of birds in all these pieces, aren’t there?  Here’s another one of these:

stag bracelet

(ceramic stag bead – Jo Lucksted)

Something less autumnal here:

betwixt bracelet 1

(ceramic cubes – Grubbi; raku cube – Jubilee; button clasp – Amanda Davie)

And matching earrings. Although the bracelet has sold, so I guess they’re just earrings.

cubed and stacked

(ceramic cubes – Grubbi)

And I think that’s the lot. As I indicated, some of these have sold but the majority that haven’t gone are available on Etsy.  There’s a couple still to list which should be up some time tomorrow.  Do let me know if there’s something you’d like which you can’t see in the shop.