Bead Auctions – Ceramic Art Bead Market

Just a quick post to let you know that I have a number of pieces up for auction on the Ceramic Art Bead Market on Facebook. The auctions end at 9.45 tonight (BST). If you’re not a member, it’s easy to join. Simply go to the page and click on ‘Join Group’. Once you’re approved, which should happen fairly quickly, you can scroll through the current auctions including my items. Here’s what I have available:

moth 1pouch 1cone pair 1headpin bundle A 1headpin bundle B 1

I’ll be auctioning some more items, including more ‘exclusive’, ooak pieces, in the next few days. Here’s another link to the Facebook page.

Pretty Palettes Blog Hop

A little while ago I was invited to participate in a blog hop by the lovely Erin Prais-Hintz. It’s called ‘Pretty Palettes’ and it’s something she organises with Halcraft, to show off the range of beads available at Michaels. Each month Erin picks some source of inspiration, then selects a collection of beads in a palette that suits. For inspiration this month, Erin chose some images of the Goreme National Park in Cappadocia, Turkey – including these.



She also picked out this yummy collection of beads.augbeadsAll I had to do was make up some jewellery. After the recent mega bead-making spree, it was nice to be designing jewellery again. I immersed myself in this project over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Erin also encouraged me to make some of my own ceramic beads to add to the mix, which I did when making that last big batch. I should really have taken a separate picture of them. Hey ho, you’ll probably be able to spot them.

Erin told me that it was unusual for her to pick such a neutral-heavy palette, but I’ve loved it. It meant I could focus on texture and shape. The one piece that I made in which I introduced any other colours was the first piece I made, this bracelet –

seed bead bracelet 1

I felt that the chunky twine beads, which I’ve mixed with some agate and other stones, could use some more detail, so I’ve strung the bracelet on multiple strands of waxed linen and used some of the strands to wrap seeds around each bead. I’ve also stained the twine beads to give them an earthy, aged appearance. Next, I made this necklace, featuring a ceramic cone I made especially for this project (based on the ‘fairy towers’ at the Goreme National Park), along with the soap stone rounds.

main necklace

I followed it up with another necklace, which also features a number of my ceramic pieces. I’ve used the brown lava rock and treated some of the copper-y beads to give them a crusty dark patina. The dinky bail is from Lucy Haslam.

second necklace

I made the diamond shaped connectors. I had intended to use the connectors in earrings but when I looked again at the beads Erin sent, I realised that wasn’t going to work. I also made the black stoneware cone, which I’ve teamed with one of Petra Carpreau‘s ceramic spikes. I did make several pairs of earrings. There’s more Scorched Earth in this pair, combined, again, with some of my beads.

grunge monkeys

In the next pair I used some Slate Studio triangle charms. I turned one of the beaded copper spacers on its side and stacked it with one of the shell beads on an oxidised washer. Again, the ear wires are from Lucy Haslam.

chevron earrings

Finally, I couldn’t resist including something featuring these wonderfully rustic bead caps from At Home In Taos that I received while working on these pieces. I added more soap stone and more patinated copper-y beads.

cruster dusters

All these pieces are now listed for sale here, on Etsy. I could have made so much more! I barely touched the lovely shell nuggets; many have a nice sheen on the flat sides, as you can see in the second pair of earrings. I also failed to come up with a design for the glittery glass rounds, even though they were amongst my favourites. Thank you, Erin, for inviting me to participate in this blog hop! It was really fun and very welcome. To see what Erin has created, head here!

New Beads – Shop Update Today, 6.30pm BST

It seems to have taken me the longest time but I finally have my latest batch of beads ready to add to the bead shop tonight. There are around 150 items waiting to be listed. They’ll be going live today, 19th August, at 6.30pm BST. There or there abouts. Here’s just a little of what will be available.

bead sets

These cones were a hit last time, so I’ve made up some more…

cones group

…including a small number of matching pairs.

cone pairs

Talking of matching pairs, a while ago, I made myself a stack of beads. It was only when I finished that it occurred to me that it would be kinda helpful to have some smaller beads, to use at the top of earrings and suchlike. My default size that I tend towards when making beads is always kinda big, I realised. So, I challenged myself –

earring pair setsNow I just need to make some for me to use… There are six sets in all; if they don’t go I might start pinching them myself. And here are some of the gazillion pairs of earring charms and beads that I’ve made to go with them.

earring pairs

Really, there are loads, and that’s not to mention the healthy pile of points and wedge pairs that I’ve made.

points etc

And then there’s the headpins too – there’s also a lot of them.


But it’s not all earring-y things. There are a number of new focals – some of which took an age to decorate…


And I came up with a new look bird design.

birds group

I’ve also made up multiples of some rounds and rondelles with some of my favourite glazes, so they can be bought singly.


Finally, I’ve made a number of one-of-a-kind focals and head pin bundles, and some other bits and bobs, which I’ll be selling on Ceramic Art Bead Market in the next few days. In the meantime, all these and many more will be available in the bead shop later today.

More New Earrings

So, I managed to build up a little stockpile of earrings, even though I’m supposed to be working on new beads (they’re coming… soon… ish!). I woke up at 4.30 this morning and sat out the half-light drafting listings, waiting until the kiln was cool enough to go and open. I just blitzed all the listings today and these all now available on Etsy.

concentric 1

circling 1

(lampwork drops – Keeley Kenyon)

dink bugs 1

(ceramic rings – Happy Fish Things; blistered drop headpins – Something to do Beads)

disused trails

dusk crept quickly 1

(lampwork beads – Bluhealer)

elaborately sounded structures 1

flare and falter 1

(lampwork headpins – Numinosity Beads)

intimates 1

(ceramic bead caps – Chelle V2)

liquid level 1

siskins 1

(ceramic droppers – Scorched Earth)

some realms I owned 1

pressed between pages

stitching 1

sufficient bliss 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

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