Stacked Earring Challenge the Third

Before I say anything else, I really need to apologise some. As I’ve said before, angrily, I have a whole lot of trouble getting my blog set-up to approve the comments I really want to read from you living, breathing, reading folk. At the same time as it’s busy marking these comments as spam, it happily builds up great heaps of actual spam in the moderation queue. So, it gets hard to pull your much-appreciated comments out from the slew of bunkum.  I’ve just sifted through a mountain of spam and found numerous comments for the last post and posts prior to that. In short, I’m really sorry that people are having difficulty commenting, but if it doesn’t appear immediately (for which: sorry!), your comment should be unearthed in the not too distant future and I will be extremely grateful that you made it.

Anyway, on with the earring challenge.  You can read all about what it’s all about here. This  time it was Leah‘s turn to send out the beads. It was a real treat of a parcel.


I was really taken with a number of the beads in this little lot. I’m looking at it now and shaking my head over not having made more. Why didn’t I get round to using x, y, or z bead? Unusually, for me, I was particularly drawn to a number of the small beads in this parcel. The ribbed clay tubes were instant favourites when I spied them. I had soooo many  ideas for them – I had to get Leah to tell me where I could purchase more. Anyway, I had two designs I particularly wanted to try. One was to combine them with lots of the other small beads to finish little tassels on fine chain.

procession 1

(ear wires – Lucy Haslam)

With the exception of a couple of seed beads, all the beads on these chain drops are from Leah’s pack.  I guess they’re like lots of little stacks on the end of the chains.  The other plan I had was for these:

(candy cane sticks) 1

(polymer bicones – Graceful Willow)

I’m afraid they ended up being a bit of a cheat because while my design originally used three lots of Leah’s beads (one of the rules), it didn’t look right when I put them together.  Still, I really wanted to go ahead and make them anyway.  Similarly –

remembrance 1

These do have three sets of beads from the pack, however.  The other beads that really caught my eye when I opened my pack were the large turquoise czech glass bicones. I already have a number in different shades in my stash and I do like them a lot. I added red and purple beads from the pack and teamed them with some vintage filigree ring findings that I patinated.

dahlias and everlastings 1

(ear wires – Yvette Goodridge)

This pair also makes use of some of the larger beads in the pack.

tidemark 1

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

Finally, I made these:

slinks 1

Again, I’ve gone with a number of the little beads for this final pair.  I really enjoyed working with this pack – thank you, Leah! Now to go see what everyone else has made!

Rebecca Anderson – Songbead

Leah Curtis – Beady Eyed Bunny

Malin de Koning – Beading by Malin de Koning

Heidi Post – Ex Post Facto

6 thoughts on “Stacked Earring Challenge the Third

  1. Claire, when I write this I have only yet seen yours, Rebecca’s and my own posts. How interesting that all three of us have mainly gravitated towards the smaller beads from Leah’s lot.

    As always you made really stunning creations. So fun and creative-experimental. I love to scrutinize your solutions for how to put together the different components. And how you make those solutions become something in itself that adds to the overall design. Super clever and something that makes my Industrial Designer heart all excited. :-)
    I must check out Yvette Goodridge. Intrigued by her ear wires as I am. And I love those long hammered ends of the wires in the second and third pair. Did you make those yourself?
    My favorite pair is the second pair. I am so sure they would look so great being worn. Are they by any chance for sale?

  2. I don’t know how you do it. Honestly. And how long are these anyway? Shoulder length? You truly figured out how to use the ridged ones. I loved them, but nothing I did worked. And you have two designs with them that are perfect. The second and final pairs are my favorites, though they are all brilliant. I must work harder with my Petra pieces. I usually just find one big bead for the top – but they’re so much more interesting when you put little stacks above them.

  3. You never cease to amaze! These are truly beautiful designs. The length, detail, colours…perfection. The way you’ve designed some of these is impressive.

  4. Such creative and gorgeous designs, as always! I really can’t pick a favourite. I love how you always seem to be able to use components in such unexpected and original ways, like those filigree hoops. Brilliant!

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