A few new beads

I have a few new beads to share with you.  They are all available now in the bead shop.  There are new small bird pairs.  These are smaller than my regular birds, so they’re suitable for earrings – as long as you don’t want really dinky earrings.blue bird pair 3

brown bird pair

The word beads have been popular lately, so I’ve made up a few of them.  Here’s just a couple of them.

close white

near white word beans

There are several new floral designs.  They’re quite simple, but they’d look good with some vintage lucite, I reckon.

vintage daisy charms

butterfly wing ombre coins

Then there are some scuffed, shady faceted pieces, like these.

shady grey faceted wheels 2

And there’s a couple of the obligatory owls.

blue owl

To see all the new beads, head here.  I’ll leave you with this set of blackened purple pods.

purple pods 1


More new jewellery

Here are my makes from the last week or so – do get in touch if there’s anything that catches your eye.

hodgeheg 1

(hedgehog – Jade Scott, ceramic connector – Ktotten)

bird house 1

(wooden blank – Pymatuning Crafts)

like air 1

(ceramic rondelles – Blueberribeads)

rose and rust 1

(patinated leaf – Something to do Beads)

scribbles 1

(ceramic buttons – Owl, polymer drop – Something to do Beads)

slender blue 1

(ceramic lentil – Golem)

tea rose 1

(copper clasp – The Curious Bead Shop)

wisteria spikes 1

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

skinny perch

(porcelain bird – Blueberribeads)

night sleeper

(polymer fawn – Tree Wings Studio)

raw through the middle

Next time I’ll do my best to have something more to say for myself.  For now, here’s a last pair of earrings.

light through 1


New jewellery

I’ve done it again – fallen woefully behind in keeping up with listing whilst making.  Here’s some new pieces.  Some are listed now; some will be listed at some point soon, I hope.

water meadow 1

(ceramic house – Elukka)


(copper connector – Daisychain Extra)


(ceramic bead and voodoo doll – Scorched Earth)

This next bracelet is full of labradorescence, but I haven’t managed to get a good shot of it yet…

gunmetal heart

(ceramic bead – Happy Fallout)

cheery spikes

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

still point strata

(polymer heart – Stillpointworks)

acorn tops 1

lustred moss 4

(ceramic beads and links – Scorched Earth)


(ceramic petal – Scorched Earth)



Bead Shop Update – Tuesday 8/10/13, 6.30pm

I’ve finally got some new beads to share.  I’ll be updating the bead shop tomorrow evening, at about 6.30.  I have lots of bead designs that I want to try out but I just haven’t had the time or space to get on with them.  So, it isn’t a very big update; but, with autumn arriving, there had to be some rusty leaves.

rusty leaves

And some verdigris ones, whilst I was at it.

verdigris leaves

There’ll be some other rusty pieces, including these pendants.

pendants group

And I’ve cooked up more of the autumn chains, along with more verdigris and blue chain.

russet autumn chain

Beside these, I’ve made some of the old favourites, in autumn and winter shades.

winter houses group

winter autumn owls

white word beads

All these and more will be available in the bead shop tomorrow evening, about 6.30pm.

leaf group