Xmas Posting Deadlines and New Earrings

Evening all! I hope you’re contending okay with all the pre-xmas stuff. I’m happy to be winding down a little now. I haven’t done any Christmas craft fairs this year (and I’d be lying if I said I’ve missed them), but I have been pretty busy making jewellery and listing it in the Etsy shop. (I’ve also been working away on new beads and setting up my new mini metalwork space(!) – more on that soon.) If you’re in the States, there’s still time to get yourself some Christmas treats. Royal Mail are giving Tuesday, 15th December as the last date for post to be delivered in the US in time for Christmas day. I’ll be doing post office runs tomorrow and on Tuesday, so now’s the time to get your orders in. For details of the last shipping dates for all other countries, please refer to this chart. There’s still time to get items sent to most European destinations, and also Scandinavia. I’ve just listed a little crop of new earrings, including some new favourites! Here they are – (and here is where they are available to purchase!)Living By The Water 1Wherever I've Been And Gone 1A Word I Rarely Use 1Francesca 1You Promised A Stone From Your Heart 1Thanks for being free 1Signs, Scars 1Move The Faders 1Never Wrote A Letter 1celeste 1That’s the lot – for now!  Here’s the shop link again. This may be the last lot of jewellery I list this side of Christmas; however, given my love of earring making, I can imagine that I may be adding a few new things before then…

Guess what?

Here’s another image heavy post packed with shots of new jewellery and very few words.  I am going to say something some day probably…

A Golden Glooming An Indisguiseable shade of twilight Coalescences Gloria Grey light, what more Hzard lights 1 in full possession 1 In other words, a violet lunar 1 Palming a tear persuasions 1 punctilio quite unhurt she came from eating ashes 1 shipbuilding spent in stitching They had come a long way when the wave has gone 1 whetted to brilliance witcheries 1

I listed the lot of them on Etsy last night. I’m never sure if it makes any difference if you drip feed listings into your shop or if you add them in bigger batches, like a shop update. Does it make a difference? Are there benefits and disadvantages both ways? Thoughts?

I am also building up quite a bead mountain. I’m managing to alternate between making jewellery and beads reasonably well. That will probably stop when I get round to glazing, however. Will they be ready before Xmas? Who knows! I hope so!