New Autumnal Beads

So, a little while ago I decided to try out some designs I had in mind for some stoneware autumnal bead sets.  The wonderful and generous Petra Carpreau sent me some stoneware glazes that she wasn’t using – a really delicious deep rich red and a fizzy marmalade orange.  I’m glad that I was prompted to try out stoneware. Had it not been for getting these glazes I might not have tried it out so soon, but now I have I’ve got a real love for the feel of it.

autumn bead sets 1

After quite a bit of work I just have these five sets but I’m pretty happy with them. I particularly like the leaf/tear-shaped drops with the pools of yummy Petra-glaze in the middle. 4th autumnal bead set 2

I’ll be adding them to the shop today (Saturday, 27 September) at 5.30pm. I’m happy to take reserves – I think a lot of folk are anxious for payday to arrive this month.

autumn bead sets 2

Along with these, I have a handful of other autumnal pieces that I’ll be listing today.

autumn beads other

I have a stack of other beads in the works and a number that are completed. I just thought that I’d put this small lot out as a group to give people chance to get them in their autumn designs. I should be done with the others and ready to do a big full update some time in the first half of October – I hope.  There is rather a lot of glazing to be done –

beads in the making

Anyway, do head over to the bead shop at 5.30pm today if you’re interested in picking up one of these new stoneware pieces.

!Birthday Discount Codes!

It’s seems no time at all since I was last letting you know that it was my birthday. This year has flown: really, I can’t remember feeling like a year has ever passed as quickly as this one.  I don’t tend to make a song and dance about this occasion – although I’ve stretched to some shout-y exclamation marks for my title here. It’s just to alert you to the annual tradition of birthday discount codes. I’m offering 30% off jewellery this weekend and 20% off beads (click on these links for the shops). Here’s those all important codes: for jewellery, use the code BIRTHDAY30; and for beads, BIRTHDAY20.

I haven’t shared any images of my new ceramic beads on here; I’ve been meaning to do it for an age. A fair number of these have already sold but I like to keep a record of these things on my blog so apologies if you spot something that you want that’s not currently available (- or something you’ve already seen elsewhere!) However, I am in the process of making more beads so if there’s anything you’re interested in ordering, get in touch and I can let you know if that’s possible! More generally, I’d love to hear which beads in particular people like, then I have an idea of what I should make more of.  Anyway, on with the images:

Misc other

bead collage 2


bead collage 1

earring pairs blue

earring pairs trapezoids

bead collage 3

near beads


bead collage 4

earring pairs glazy daggers

other misc

bead collage 5

stain bead sets


other sets

bead collage 6


earring pairs trapezoids

Some of these and even more other beads are available in the shop.  Remember, that code (BIRTHDAY20) must be used to get 20% off.  I’ll leave you with a picture of a bracelet I recently relisted. It’s always been a bit of a favourite of mine.


It’s full of lovely luxe stuff and you can have it for just £33.25, if you use the discount code BIRTHDAY30. Here’s another link for the jewellery shop.  I think that’s everything covered -bye for now!

The rest of the new things…

… or the rest of the new jewellery, at least. That is, all the rest of the stuff I couldn’t face uploading on Saturday when I last posted. So, what’s left? Well, there’s several bracelets. I haven’t listed this one yet.

wild flower 1

But the next three are all available on Etsy.

over the meadow 1

water lily 1

(hand-painted beads – Graceful Willow)

eveline 1

(lampwork beads – Helen Chalmers, Outwest; ceramic coin – Jubilee; ceramic heart – Scorched Earth)

I did call this one ‘Pop Life’, then I realised that I already had one bracelet called that in the shop. So, it’s called ‘Eveline’. There’s no good reason for either name. Lord, I hate naming jewellery.  I’ve recently recieved back a number of pieces that were in magazines. These earrings were part of a project I did for Beads and Beyond.

twisted dagger 1

Again, these are available on Etsy. As are all of these pieces which were published in the current issue of Stringing.

cascade 1

kissing cardinals 1

(polymer cardinals – Jetta Bug Jewelry)

queen bee 1

(ceramic pendant – Round Rabbit)

the journeyers 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

There were a few other pieces that featured in the magazine but they managed to find their way into my ears and onto my wrist. Ooops. I haven’t had chance to make anything to submit this time around. I’m hoping I might get something together in the next few days but I’m not at all sure what.  Here’s a bit more autumn-age.

fireside 1

(ceramic pendant and drops – Scorched Earth)

And finally, a last little lot of earrings.

the riches 1

spinning top 3

(polymer beads – Graceful Willow)

my bird earrings

(ceramic birds – Something to do Beads; lampwork drops – Gardanne)

Yep, those birds are some I made. I’ll be back in the next day or so to share some pics of the new beads.  There are a couple of pairs of wee earring-sized birds left in the shop, along with some other ceramic goodies. If there’s any jewellery in this post which has caught your eye but you can’t find in the Etsy shop, do drop me a line.

Some of the new things….

So, writing for two other blogs has lead me to neglect my own. I have bags of new stuff to show you: both jewellery and beads.  I added some of my new ceramic beads to the bead shop on Thursday. A good number have been snapped up, which is great because it gives me an excuse to keep making them, which I’m absolutely loving doing.  There is still a reasonable number of beads available, so do have a look if you fancy.  I’ll do a post here soon about the new beads but if you’re particularly curious, head here to see a post I did about them on Art Bead Scene.

Today, I’m gonna share my latest jewellery makes. Tomorrow is market day, so are you ready to see the inevitable heap of new things?  Whenever we get to this time of year, I tell myself, ‘Don’t go overboard with the autumnal designs’. And, every year, what happens?

woodlands 1

(lampwork rondelle – Puffafish; wooden barrel – Pymatuning Crafts)

garland 1

(ceramic leaf: Scorched Earth)


(ceramic bead – Gaea)

[I have a confession to make here: that pod-like ornament thing, I spotted it (and very much liked it) in a Fanciful Devices piece. She did share where it came from and without giving it too much thought, I ordered some. Then I wasn’t sure about whether that was a good thing. But, well, they turned up and I’d paid for them, so I thought, ‘Sod it’.]

toffee apples 1

fire fly 1

I actually made the following one a little while.

foxy 1

But it sold the other day, so…

hare here

I do love Jo Lucksted‘s woodland critters – They match these czech leaves perfectly. And, well, yes, autumn.  I put these together super quick today.

chevrons and angels

They’re less autumn than some of the other pieces. I rather like them; I won’t mind if they don’t sell.  It hasn’t been all falling leaves and mists and fruitfulness.  Here’s a pair of earrings made with one of my ceramic bits.

collective 1

(ceramic feather – Something to do Beads; ceramic drop – Scorched Earth)

Which leads us neatly to this month’s crop of Scorched Earth earrings. More asymmetry here –

another story

(ceramic spike – Scorched Earth; ceramic connector – Ragged Robyn)

aurora waters

I won’t give the credits for them all. Basically: Scorched Earth!

polka tips 1

These were harder to photograph than they had any reason to be. As were these…

wind chimes 1

And while we’re on the subject of tricky to photo, bloody labradorite!

light on slate 1

(ceramic wheel – Happy Fallout)

I also made a crop of cheaper earrings recently with some particularly choice new czech glass shapes, sans art beads.

cutters 1

throwback 1

I do love a 70s colour scheme…

Oh my goodness! I’ve still got a heap of photos to add. Hmmmm…. I can’t face it! There’s been just far too much photographing and photoshopping recently.

dexy hates photography

Dexy agrees. He’s sitting, here, in front of my ever-so hifalutin photo set up. He goes crazy when I start setting it up. And I’m starting to feel a little crazed going through all these photos (maybe you are too?), so I’ll be back another day with the rest of the helping. It’s time for wine!