Sales speak and sore paws

It’s been a rather fuggy week.  I seem to have spent much of it trapped inside, stuck in my arm charm, doing repetitive tasks.  I finished the sprucing up of the jewellery shop.  I’m half-happy with the results.  (All the new jewellery is listed – including a few pieces I’ll share here.)  One of the final chores was standardising the listings – very repetitive.  I’ve always had great difficulty writing listings, a far greater difficulty than the task warrants!  I found myself writing this stuff – ‘this beautiful’, ‘featuring a wonderful’, ‘a very lovely’, etc., etc. – and it just didn’t sound right.  It probably sounds a bit precious to say it but it just didn’t sound persuasive coming from me.  I really have always admired the shop name Buy My Crap.  And I also admire listings that give a detailed, descriptive account of the piece and its making, highlighting its qualities and loveliness.  I just can’t strike the right tone.

travertine 1

daff 2

I don’t imagine anyone finds it easy to enthuse at any length about what they make.  I’m hoping the format I’ve arrived at (which includes losing the adjectives) is an okay compromise.  It might seem a bit impersonal.  I don’t know…  But I’ve probably spent more than enough time fretting about it for the time being.

teal cottage1 copy vcp (ceramic cottage – Bo Hulley Beads, ceramic flower – Captured Moments)

The other repetitive task that has dominated my time during the last few days is bead sanding.  Once done with shop-sorting, I was quite ready to get to work on some new bead designs.  Several days on, I can say that my desire for bead making has been thoroughly sated.  I’m very happy making them, but the sanding…. .  I’m sure there must be an easier, quicker method than the one I’ve arrived at.  And my hands are in ribbons!  Anyway, I must have made about 150 beads and they’re all sanded finally.  Now it’s time to add paint details to the ones that need it, then, some will need glazing.  However, I’m going to leave off the glaze with most I think.  I’m always tempted to finish beads with it because I think it will protect the surface, but for some designs it just doesn’t look right. Also, some people prefer beads unglazed.  There’ll be photos soon and I hope to get them listed by the weekend.  Today, however, I’m having a break.  I’m going for a pub lunch.  I know – on a Tuesday!  But I must leave the house.

Nearly there

It’s half past five and it’s still light.  Hallelujah.  It’s also been sunny – well, sort of – today, so I seized the opportunity to take some pictures.  I made a couple of bracelets this week that I’ve been planning to make for a while.  They were some time in the planning because I kept thinking of other things I needed to get to finish them.  I spent a fair while looking for the perfect citrine for this bracelet:

luxe 1

(lampwork focal – Moogin; patinated brass toggle clasp – Abyjem; ceramic wheel – Slate Studios)

There was a time when I couldn’t really see the appeal of yellow stones.  I’m dotty about them now.  It’s a pretty luxe bracelet, all in all.  I often avoid mixing together so many pricey materials, dreading to think what price I’ll have to put on them, but I decided to go to town with this bracelet.  I took a similarly cavalier approach when making this one.

violet rocks 2

(ceramic hoops and chain links – Scorched Earth; lampwork beads – Glass Bead Art; ceramic round – Grubbi)

violet rocks 4

I’m really quite pleased with the way it turned out.  And the photos are a lot better than a number I’ve taken recently.  I’m nearly done with all my shop overhaul-ing, so it’s the last few days of the sale.  To mark this, I’m now offering 30% off everything currently in stock.  Just use the discount code FINALDAYS.  Remember, some pieces will be going once the sale ends so if there’s something you’ve had your eye on, now really is the best time to bag it.  Before I go, here’s a few more new pieces that will be available shortly:

Mint, mink, pink 1

(ceramic pendant – Gaea)

teal tops 1

(polka dot beads – Bo Hulley)

forest fire 1

(ceramic flower – Captured Moments)

It’s now half past six – I’ve spent a long time saying very little!  Time I was off…


New designs and photo woe

If I wasn’t so set on my plans for a shop facelift, I’d be regretting embarking on it already.  It is surely the worst time of year to be taking masses of photos.  I have a good number of new pieces, and I’ve taken dozens of pictures of some of them and I still don’t have the necessary five advised by Etsy.  In fact, I don’t even have one that I like of this necklace.

glimmer blue necklace

There are little faceted labradorite tubes between the larger czech glass beads (which are also more lovely than they look here).  They give off wonderful flashes.  You can see some trace of it here but its nowhere near that you can see by eye.  To make things worse, the pendant is proving tricky to photograph on the white background.  Anyway, I thought I’d stop by to share some of my more successful pics of what’s to come.

pierce earrings

 (lampwork beads – GlassBeadArt; ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

lava pink shock bracelet

 (ceramic charm – Scorched Earth; ceramic lantern – Gaea)

indigo line bracelet

fleshly necklace

(ceramic focal – NKP Designs)

thick hemp rainbow bracelet

 (lampwork bead – Tobairas Beads)

polar bracelet

(lampwork polar bear – Madeline Bunyan; penguin charm – Rejetta Sellers)

flower remake bracelet

 (ceramic flower – Captured Moments)

light fitting

Tomorrow will be another day of crouching in the cold trying to get decent pictures.  I may be some time.  In the meantime, the sale continues on.  Thanks to Picmonkey, I managed to put together a couple of collages of pieces available.  All the earrings are currently available for between £6 and £10, and the bracelets for £10 to £15.  All you need to do is enter the discount code (SPRINGCLEAN) when you check out.  They’re rather ridiculous prices, really, and ones I won’t be able to offer on these new pieces – so now’s the time to buy, if you’re after a bargain!  Click here to get shopping.

Earrings - Spring Clean Sale

PicMonkey Collage

Right, time I got back to the photoshopping…