New Beads

Phew!  So, I think I’m over the worst of this cold – thank the lord!  I managed to get the bead pictures taken yesterday, so, providing I can get them all listed in time, I’ll update the shop this evening.  Here’s a selection of what will be available:

hot spots sets

Earring Pairs

heart clasps

heart connectors

(The hearts in the second pair of photos are connectors rather than clasps.  They were going to be clasps but I realised too late that I hadn’t made the loops large enough.  They’ll be listed at a lower price to compensate for this bit of stupidity.)

rusty chunker

stitched beads

teal lacy leaves 1

toni stamps rusty pieces

sea shades inked 1


rusty feather

I do like this rusty feather… might nab it if it doesn’t go…

There are some other bits and pieces that I’ll be listing so do have a look later. Click here to head to the shop. There are also a number of custom reserves so if you’ve requested something, it should be there, but I’ll be in touch with folk to let them know when they’re up.  I’ll aim to get them done by 6.30-ish. Right, I’d better get listing!

New-ish year – new jewellery

Oh dear, oh dear – So much for my New Year post.  I had intended to share a few resolutions but I haven’t actually really made any this year – apart from really dull things like doing a better jobs of keeping accounts and suchlike.  I’ve also got a hideous cold (I’m sat here in a really ridiculous outfit, cobbling together all manner of tatty but warming clothing, including some stupidly baggy leg-warmers and a short, tightly knotted neck scarf, which makes me feel kinda Old Man Steptoe), so I really don’t feel equal to committing to anything much.  So, instead, I’ll just share a few new pieces of jewellery that I’ve recently added to the shop.  First up, here’s a clutch of earrings.  I love these big bone fang beads from the fabulous Yuki:

sabre 1

fringed flowers 2

(enamel flowers – Nicola Matthews)

These are a bit crazy-daft but a bit of crazy-daft can’t hurt, I reckon.

ladies in waiting

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

Then there’s a couple of bracelets that featured in Beads and Beyond.  The light here (as most places, I imagine) has been rubbish recently, as you’ll be able to see in these pics.


(ceramic bowl dropper – Scorched Earth, ceramic round – Happy Fallout)

hearts and flowers

(ceramic heart – Gaea)

More hearts here, fewer flowers…

fixed 1

(ceramic heart – Scorched Earth, word charm – Amanda Davie, polymer stitched beads – Something to do Beads)

Those stitched beads are some that I made.  I’ve got a load of new beads to add to the bead shop but I think I feel too ill today to stand outside taking photographs.  Maybe I’ll rally later and get them done…. Here’s another bracelet.

bo peep 1st

(ceramic connector – Slate Studios)

I don’t really like the term ‘tribal’ but sometimes it’s just serviceable.  Here’s three kinda tribal necklaces.

wild things

plume 1

(ceramic disc and wheel – Scorched Earth, air dry clay pendant – Like Beads)

fire bird

(unglazed ceramic feather – Scorched Earth … patinated by me)

I’m rather fond of this wee bird necklace – it might end up being mine if it doesn’t sell this quarter!  It’s got a really long extension chain so it can be worn at bust length and belly button length.  Here’s more birds:

flock together 1

(ceramic birds and bird house – Blueberribeads, polymer word pebble – Something to do Beads)

Finally, here’s a couple of pairs of earrings that I haven’t listed.  Partly because I can’t decide whether to part with them…

beach finds copy

clipper copy

That’s the lot for now.  I’ll be back in a day or so with those new beads.

Sales – extended – and Earrings

So, I’m a little late wishing you all a happy new year.  I’ve had a busy, busy, busy last few days/week; so much so, I didn’t even get chance to blog about – or really promote – the fact that I was running sales in both the jewellery shop and the bead shop.  To compensate, I’ve extended both sales and they’ll run until the weekend.  There’s 25% off everything in the jewellery shop.  Just enter the discount code NEWYEAR25.  I have found time to make a few new pairs of earrings.  These aren’t listed yet but if you’d like them, they can be bought with the 25% discount.  Just email me (through Etsy or or leave a comment here.  This pair would normally be £22.00, but with the discount they’ll be £16.50.

In her stead

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

This next pair would normally be £19.00; discounted they’re £14.25.

ocean assym

(ceramic scallop drops – Scorched Earth)

These feathery jobs will be £19.50 full price, but with 25% off they’re £14.60. (Apologies for the light – my camera seems to find this colour combo particularly disagreeable.)

feathered stacks 1

(enamel matchsticks – Numinosity Beads)

This pearly pair with vintage glass drops will be £15.50, so you can have them now at just £11.60

bone top drops

I’m starting to sound like one of those sofa warehouse sale adverts, aren’t I?  So I’ll stop that now.  This pair has already sold:


(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

As for the bead shop, it’s now looking pretty bare but there are still goods to be had.  I’d like to clear out as much of the current stock as possible – no particular reason, just fancy filling the shop up anew when I finally get around to making some new pieces.  So, I’m offering a hoofing great 50% off everything and to add further enticement, I can tell you that I’ll be adding in extra extras with each order!  You’ve got to love free beads, after all!  The discount code is SPRINGCLEAN50.  Like I said, it’s pretty bare but there is still a wee owl waiting for a home, some nice rusty, crusty pieces, and this pretty white word pebble bead.

close white

In fact, if you want this one, you should grab it soonish because I have it in mind for something I might make.

As I mentioned last time, this blog is nearly a year old.  In fact, I wrote the first post on 10th January last year.  I foolishly shared a number of new year resolutions.  I can’t actually remember what they all were but I doubt I’ll have stuck to them.  Anyway, I’ll be back in a few days for some (late – inevitably) new year ruminations and to see whether I did actually manage to stick to any of last years resolutions….