New jewellery: lots and lots and lots

Well… I’ll resist the temptation to grumble on about doing Etsy listings again.  I shall just say that I managed to build up a backlog of about twenty unlisted pieces. I was concentrating on other things like magazine stuff and my ceramics experiments, then spending my down time enjoying just making jewellery. I’ve now got all the listings drafted and I’ll be activating them over the next few days, starting with the earrings tonight. So, this post is a bit of a preview of what will be heading to the shop in the next couple of days. I’ve had a bit of a necklace spree lately, which is very unusual for me. It started when I got these fabulous chunky ceramic beads from my local bead shop.

folksy 1

They are available in lots of colours on the Beadz Bazaar website, along with various other lovelies.  It’s a new website so do hop along and have a look-see.  Here they are again in pink and green.

peeper 1

(ceramic owl – Blueberribeads)

More chunky ceramics here, but these are from Smitten Beads.

dawning 1

(ceramic lentil – Golem)

I’m still loving the blue and orange thing.

further pool 1

(ceramic barrel bead – Round Rabbit)

This one has a ton of art beads in it and I’m afraid the price is going to have to reflect that… gah…

fluted 3

(ceramic pendant – Scorched Earth, polymer bail connector – Happy Fish Things, lampwork bicone – Helen Chalmers, polymer bicone – Graceful Willow, polymer disc – Tree Wings Studio)

And finally on the necklace front, this one. I actually made it for the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. As a part of the team, I can’t win anything obviously, but when I saw the challenge image…


…I immediately thought of this butterfly button that I’ve had for a while. And lo:

garden life

(ceramic butterfly – Jo Lucksted; enamel leaf – C-Koop; ceramic button – Dottery Pottery)

Earrings next. There’s a couple of pairs that have appeared in Beads and Beyond.

the sisters 1

eastern star 1

And also some big summer-y, bo-ho-ho jobs:

star light 1

I’m loving the new czech glass thorn beads.

wood and water 1

I’ve used them again in some of this post’s regulation crop of Scorched Earth earrings.

rosey spikes 1

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

still points 1

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth; polymer head pins – Still Point Works)

And now for some bracelets… I have so much semi-precious in my stash that’s been sat on the back burner. I’ve resolved to get some used.

desert bloom 1

Here’s another piece from my B&B tin type project. I’m not sure if it really fits with everything else in my shop but I’ll give it a go.

faded feathers 1

This next bracelet is very simple. I made it from some beads that were left over from another magazine project. I just liked the combination of colours and finishes. If it doesn’t go, I’ll have it.

pop life 1

I’m quite tempted to keep this one too.

slender leaves 1

(faceted ceramic wheel – Slate Studio; lampwork – Glass Bead Art; ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth)

This one I’m calling Rejetta…

rejetta 1

(polymer bird and resin pendant – Jetta Bug Jewelry)

Finally, here’s a last pair of earrings. They’re not headed for the shop. They’ve been hanging out in my ears.

rustic bundles

(ceramic charms – Donna Perlinplim)

Everything else will be available in my Etsy shop in the next few days. If there’s something you want listing right now, do let me know!

A little late: a smattering of new beads… and something new…

[NB. I wrote this post last weekend and planned to publish it when I put these new beads in the bead shop.  Anyway, there were so few beads, they sold very quickly so I didn’t get around to publishing it. Anyway, I’m just going to publish it because it’s there and written, etc….]

As you may know, I haven’t made many beads of late.  However, I had to get the clay out for a couple of things recently, so I decided to make a few bits for the shop. The tiny birds and geo patch birds I made a few weeks ago went well, so I decided to make a few more.

geo patch bird group

There are a number of the tiny pairs in different colours.

bird pairs

And a couple of loners, including this sweet wee blue guy.

pale blue bird

These are likely to be the last polymer beads I make for a while. Why?

complete potter

I’m trying my hand at ceramics. I did pottery for several years when I was younger and I’ve wanted to go back to it for some time.  There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve forgotten so I’m doing a course of classes. I’ve also got myself a big lump of clay at home. I’m not sure how it will all work out (whether I’ll get a kiln or get firings done elsewhere, for example) but I’m enjoying it immensely.

ceramic beads

So, I’m putting the polymer to one side for now to focus on ceramics.  Accordingly, I’m afraid I won’t be taking custom orders for a while.  So, this batch of birds will be it for the time being.