New Jewellery

So, while I was working on all those beads, I was still, here and there, doing some jewellery making. Over the period of six to eight weeks, or however long it was, that resulted in a considerable backlog of pieces to list. Well, yesterday I finally finished getting that done. It’s mostly earrings, inevitably, but once I had the beads out of the way, I did allow myself time to work on some new necklaces, which alway requires more planning. Anyway, here’s everything. A couple of pieces have sold; the rest are available here.

A Heavy Measure Of Grace 1 A Simple Plan, One Happy Day 1 A Subtle Joy 1 Acrobat's Wife 1 As Fast As You Can 1 balances 1 Balladeers 1 Behaving as the wind behaves 1 cactus land 1 Consolations 1 cosmic literalist 1 gang of one 1 Growing There, Even Now 1 In The Current Life 1 Interiors 1 Just Breathed On By The Light 1 Nobody's Servant 1 Now? So Soon? 1 Once You Have Tasted Flight 1 One Splendid Tear 1 Palm-vines, Ferns, and Peperomias 1 Record Of The Pleasures 1 Ruses 1 So Little It Was, So Silvery Warm 1 supplicants 1 The Night Had Been A Giant 1 The Salvages 2 The Vivid Creatures Can 1 Their Dappled Contents 4 This Travelling 1 Waistrels 1 Where You Won't Do Very Much Harm 1 Working On A Galaxy 1

Ciao for now, Claire

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