More jewellery and bead custom orders

The jewellery making frenzy continues. I am now, however, trying to do some bead-making alongside; seeing if that will help me round the problems I mentioned a while back. So, if you have any bead custom order requests, let me know. It’s probably better if you message me through Etsy, as the whole comments thing on this blog continues to be a bit of a nightmare (no, scratch that, a total nightmare). I’m afraid I can’t take custom orders for the moths – sorry! If I had to make them to order I think my head would blow pretty soon. Most other things are okay, I think. Also, if you do want something, please let me know sooner rather than later because I can’t always take custom orders; right now, I have a bit of time when I can. One other thing: it will be a few weeks before things are ready, perhaps up to four to six weeks.

Anyway, here’s the new jewellery. Sorry, but I’m feeling far too lazy to add the bead makers’ names (I know I should!). Mind you, it’s mostly stuff from my regular band of favourites, and if you’re interested in either art beads or my jewellery, you’ll probably be able to recognise them for yourself.

Air and Darkness 1 An Entire Night Itself 1 Apotropaic 3 cheree 1 Down River 1 Electric Lives 2 ghosts 1 Her Only Possession 1 Mercies1 One Giddy Day 1 riven 2 So To Speak Take Down The Clouds 1 Her far-off repose 1 The Content Of Light 1 The Earth Has Care 2 the old trophies 1 3 the quiet bones 1 The Slightest Hook 3 Tuned to the notes of forever 2 news from another planet 5 Wounded Air 1

Some of these have sold but all the rest are available on Etsy.

Important Stuff about Bead Custom Orders

I’m starting work on a new batch of beads.


I have lots of plans for new designs and I’m looking forward to coming up with other new things as I go along. I’m also planning on making more of the beads that have been particularly popular in the past. One thing I have noticed in previous updates is that there are certain designs that sell out very quickly.

medium yellow roses 2

In the past, I’ve had a number of people be disappointed that they haven’t been able to bag the beads they wanted. I could just make extra of all the beads I think are or might be popular, but it occurred to me that it would make sense if I offered customers this opportunity to place custom orders for things they particularly want, whether it be things they’ve missed out on or things they’ve had in the past and would like to buy again.

dominos earring charms pair a 1

If that’s you then could you please message me using the following address: Unfortunately, the comment function on this blog is, well, bloody useless, so a message would be much safer.

big stripey ancients 2

Also, do have a look at my Sold Items in the Etsy shop to see if there’s anything there that you fancy.

birds for rebecca

I’m afraid that I won’t be making any of the polymer or patina pieces you might find there, but there’s plenty of ceramic items from which to choose.

porcelain spears - red and black 1

[A brief aside: there will also hopefully be a limited amount of patinated chain!]

purple haze calla lily pair 2

The firing schedule that I’m falling into means that I’m not always in a position to take custom orders, or if I can, it’s often the case that I’ll have to ask the customer to wait for a month or usually more. So, I hope taking advance orders now will suit some of you.  No upfront payment is required, however.

red eruption points 1

So, the email address again:  If you could title your emails ‘Custom Order’ that would be really helpful.

wrapped tusk earring drops 1


New Beads

Phew!  So, I think I’m over the worst of this cold – thank the lord!  I managed to get the bead pictures taken yesterday, so, providing I can get them all listed in time, I’ll update the shop this evening.  Here’s a selection of what will be available:

hot spots sets

Earring Pairs

heart clasps

heart connectors

(The hearts in the second pair of photos are connectors rather than clasps.  They were going to be clasps but I realised too late that I hadn’t made the loops large enough.  They’ll be listed at a lower price to compensate for this bit of stupidity.)

rusty chunker

stitched beads

teal lacy leaves 1

toni stamps rusty pieces

sea shades inked 1


rusty feather

I do like this rusty feather… might nab it if it doesn’t go…

There are some other bits and pieces that I’ll be listing so do have a look later. Click here to head to the shop. There are also a number of custom reserves so if you’ve requested something, it should be there, but I’ll be in touch with folk to let them know when they’re up.  I’ll aim to get them done by 6.30-ish. Right, I’d better get listing!

New Beads

The new beads are all listed in the bead shop.  There are a number of new designs.  I’d had some of them in mind to make for some time, including these pods.  One pair is ‘side-drilled’ at the back of the pod, so they’ll drop down nicely when strung.  They’d be great focals in a row of dainty beads.  The other, smaller, pair, with central holes, are perfect for earrings – I’m planning to make a pair shortly.

pod pairs for blog

I also made some pod bead sets.

pod sets for blog

I’ve been thinking about making some bead sets for a while now.  As well as these pod sets, I wanted to make some focusing on colour combinations, using palettes I particularly like.  I had to include those faded shades, which I wrote about recently.

bead sets for blog

And yes, there are yet more pods in there – I think that set is my favourite.  Recently, I’ve been looking out for different types of rings and hoops.  I’ve started to use them a lot because they’re so versatile – as connectors, in toggle clasps, as a base for pendants, as an eye for hook clasps.  They also look good when you knot off them.  So, I wanted to try making some myself.  I’ve long admired/coveted Paper Statement bangles, so they provided some inspiration for these.  The first ones turned out larger than I’d planned, but they could be used as pendants or focal connectors.

ombre pendant

With a bit of playing about, I managed to get them down to a smaller size.

ombre hoops for blog

I’m going to make more of these to use myself.  They’d work well in bracelets, I think.  They look quite clean and crisp.  You’d get a nice contrast if you mixed them with some aged chain or dark oxidised wire.  With the remains of the green-blue blend I made these spine beads.spine beads 1

Again, they’d look good pointing out of a row of dinky beads.

What else is there?  Well, I thought I’d better top up the old favourites.

new two tone owls for blog

There should have been three two-tone pairs but the black one was too small to match, which was quite annoying because these pairs seem to be rather popular.  There are new weathered houses and smaller hedgehogs too.

houses and hodgehegs for blog

Then there’s these cane slice sets.  They’re very simple but I like them.  Again, they’d be good in a knotted bracelet.

sunspots slice sets for blog

I also listed a couple of older designs.  I came across a box of beads I made some time ago – I’d forgotten all about them.

rose beads for blog

I only have a limited number of these, so if you want some snap them up now.

Finally, there’s also some new pendants.

pendants for blog

Phew!  That’s a lot of new beads.  No wonder my hands were in a state.  If there’s anything you fancy, here’s where you click to shop!