Sunshine and New Jewellery

Have you had sunshine these last few days? There’s been sunshine here! I haven’t felt too much of it on my bones today because I’ve been toiling away, listing new jewellery over on Etsy. I feel like I’ve been tied to my laptop for forever¬†so I’m just going to share these¬†photos and run, take in some evening warmth…

Cherished Whisperings 1 A last fiesta 1 crooked road crocked year 1 Down The Wide River 2

Is This World Luminous? 1

yielding 1Every when Smudges 1 Is This World Luminous? 1 Mudflats 1 1 kimono 1 over the plains 1 Standing In Fine Quiet Flame 1 The Blue Cloud and the wordless wind 5 The Dark All Voices Come From 1 too doggone 2 Walk The Long Night Down 1

Wild Fires 1

Here’s another link to the shop. Ciao for now!

One thought on “Sunshine and New Jewellery

  1. I do hope you did get some sunshine in as you definitely shined some light in my life with these stunning designs! (sorry for being all corny. . .I can’t help it.) The design are gorgeous though!

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