So, this is a post partly to wish you a merry christmas – Merry Christmas! – and partly to share a last few designs from 2013.  Some of these have sold but others are still available to purchase – a number are already on Etsy.

grinch owls

 (ceramic owls – Majoyoal)


 (Ceramic bead – Golem studios)

rutile skirts

polar pair 1st

 (lampwork polar bears – Madeline Bunyan)

aqua shields

Snow drops

(ceramic snowflakes – Bo Hulley)

All of the flowers 1

tic tac

Viola owl 1

 (copper owl clasp – Joanne Tinley, polymer flower – Elise Canning)

Thanks to all who’ve followed – or just stopped by – this wee blog throughout the last year – it’s nearly its first birthday.  And, once again, a very Merry Christmas to you all.

2 thoughts on “Yule

    • Thank you! I’ve actually been struggling a lot with photos: for every decent one there’s a stack of duds. And if it wasn’t for photoshop I’d be totally scuppered! Hope you have a marvellous Christmas too! x

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