I’m having a cull.  I’ve been meaning to do it for some time.


You know those pieces that end up hanging around? Or those pieces that nag at you because some element of them isn’t right?  Or those things you were never entirely convinced by and that didn’t prove you wrong and sell?  Today, I’ve chopped all mine up.  This might seem rash – certainly, only the other day, a piece which I had mentally marked for the chop went and sold.  Still, I feel better for it.  I’m also hoping that this array of retrieved beads will prompt some new design ideas, which have been a bit few over the last couple of days.

art beads

I have made some new things.  Earrings mostly, and one bracelet…


The bracelet has been listed on Etsy, the earrings will join it in the next few days.  Do pipe up if there’s anything you’d like.

This way

(ceramic arrows – Scorched Earth)


(glass headpins – Numinosity Beads)

silk slippers

button buds

I also made a pair for me, with these beautiful heather-y spikes…

heather spikes

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth, lampwork beads – Glass Bead Art)

…because I clearly need more Scorched Earth earrings… s.e. earrings

I also need to learn how to make my camera work in non-macro mode.  Before I go, I had calls for more pictures of Dexy, which I am always more than happy to share!  He’s not the easiest beast to photograph, but today he decided to oblige and sat still long enough for me to capture a good portrait.


That’s the lot for now.  I guess I’d better go and tidy all those liberated beads away…

New designs and photo woe

If I wasn’t so set on my plans for a shop facelift, I’d be regretting embarking on it already.  It is surely the worst time of year to be taking masses of photos.  I have a good number of new pieces, and I’ve taken dozens of pictures of some of them and I still don’t have the necessary five advised by Etsy.  In fact, I don’t even have one that I like of this necklace.

glimmer blue necklace

There are little faceted labradorite tubes between the larger czech glass beads (which are also more lovely than they look here).  They give off wonderful flashes.  You can see some trace of it here but its nowhere near that you can see by eye.  To make things worse, the pendant is proving tricky to photograph on the white background.  Anyway, I thought I’d stop by to share some of my more successful pics of what’s to come.

pierce earrings

 (lampwork beads – GlassBeadArt; ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

lava pink shock bracelet

 (ceramic charm – Scorched Earth; ceramic lantern – Gaea)

indigo line bracelet

fleshly necklace

(ceramic focal – NKP Designs)

thick hemp rainbow bracelet

 (lampwork bead – Tobairas Beads)

polar bracelet

(lampwork polar bear – Madeline Bunyan; penguin charm – Rejetta Sellers)

flower remake bracelet

 (ceramic flower – Captured Moments)

light fitting

Tomorrow will be another day of crouching in the cold trying to get decent pictures.  I may be some time.  In the meantime, the sale continues on.  Thanks to Picmonkey, I managed to put together a couple of collages of pieces available.  All the earrings are currently available for between £6 and £10, and the bracelets for £10 to £15.  All you need to do is enter the discount code (SPRINGCLEAN) when you check out.  They’re rather ridiculous prices, really, and ones I won’t be able to offer on these new pieces – so now’s the time to buy, if you’re after a bargain!  Click here to get shopping.

Earrings - Spring Clean Sale

PicMonkey Collage

Right, time I got back to the photoshopping…

Spring Clean Sale

It’s time for a spring clean, and I’m starting with the Etsy jewellery shop.  I have lots of new pieces to list but before I put them up I want to give the shop a bit of an overhaul.  When it first opened, it seemed such a job just getting the basics done and getting the listings up there.  Now, after just a few months, and after learning lots from others, I can see lots of things that need fine-tuning.  The whole thing needs more cohesion!  There are a number of things I want to change.  I’m not happy with some of the photos and I’m really not happy with the style of the listings.  I find writing them very awkward, and I want to come up with a new way of doing it.

The pricing is also inconsistent.  This isn’t helped by there being some pieces I made some time ago, which were priced rather low.  I want to avoid putting up the prices of things that have been listed at a lower price.  I also want to avoid having to redo listings for all the current stock.  So, I’m going to have a sale while I’m sorting out the changes I want to make and preparing new listings.  There’ll be 25% off everything, using the discount code SPRINGCLEAN.  When I’ve finished fussing, I’ll be taking down some of the pieces, rather than redoing all the remaining listings, so if there’s anything you’d like to reserve please let me know – otherwise it may not be available after the sale!  25% may not sound a huge discount but with quite a number of pieces, the sale price will be really rather low.  For example, enter the code and this bracelet will be £11.25.

tonal mixture

Both of these pairs of earrings are now £6.75

2012-10-17 13.58.55

sailing by

And this necklace will be just £16.12.

2012-10-29 12.05.06

There’s plenty more like that in the shop.  So do head over.  And don’t forget the discount code: SPRINGCLEAN!