Bead Shop Update Tonight – 17th April, 6.30pm BST

We’ve had a loss in the family this morning so I hope you’ll understand that I’m not bursting with words today. But, I promised images of new beads and and some advance notice about when I’d be adding them to the shop. So, all these and many more will be hitting the shop tonight (Sunday, 17th April), at 6.30pm BST.

Astral concave earring charms carved ombre crackle charms confiture concave disc charms earth and sky piereced charms spain dotted red and black charms orange glow pierced triangle charms spring air lantern charms stylised seed charms tubby cones - turquoise and blueceladon crackle and shino bullet charms faded heather droppers giverny bullets stirred earth droppersbetween weathers long ribbed drops meadows stoneware cone pair dotted crackled stoneware cone pair scored sgraffito cone pair

earring pairs B 2 earring pairs F 1 peacock feathers pendant 2 bone china wing pendant emerald and tangerine striped drop head pins 1 black on porcelain primitive pod pins 2 hickory moth 1 bold bright moth wings pair

smoky blues pitted porcelain spine set scuffed faceted porcelain set 1 Striped stick set apache pinwheel lentils Southern Gothic sets

I hope you’ll be able to stop by later. Shop this way!

Waaaaaay too late – some new-ish beads…

I’ve done it again: neglected my blog and gone putting new beads in the shop without saying a word about them here. Two weeks pass and I want to post about something else but feel I can’t overlook…. Oh, never mind!  Thing is, I did do a blog post about them on Art Bead Scene. I say a few things about them in that post as well, but for now I’ll just share some photos with you here.

slip decorated porcelain

cobalt on porcelaincone caps

earring pairs

headpinshouse, flower, bird

lilies and leaves

multi-layer sets

other bead sets

primitive naive face beads group

thorns group

spears groupThere are still a number of these beads available here in the shop. I’ll be back soon with more new things and – who knows?! – maybe even some words!

Bead Shop Update – 7pm, 6th November

So I finally got all those beads listed – well, the listings are drafted, save for a few more details – and I’ll be adding them to the shop tomorrow evening at 7pm. So what is there? Well, as I mentioned last time, I’ve made more of most of the things that sold well or had a good response last time, including these tiger stripes, which will be available in pairs in various colours…

tiger stripes

…and these graphic blooms, which I’ve done in different colours and quantities.

graphic blooms

There are LOADS of earring pairs – this is just some of what will be available.

earring pairs

I’ve also topped the birds up – both pairs and singles.


And there’s more roses, including these.


There are various bead sets – some stoneware, some earthenware – including…

bead sets

And I made up a few more of these old standards in different colours, etc…


There’s some new pendant designs.


I tried my hand at sgraffito.

sgraffito collage

And these are new too.

oxide beads

Again these will be available in sets but also individually.  I have heaps of new designs in the works, including lilies, igloos, penguins, and much more besides, but they are still waiting to be fired. In the meantime, these and much more will be available here tomorrow at 7pm.

New Beads

Phew!  So, I think I’m over the worst of this cold – thank the lord!  I managed to get the bead pictures taken yesterday, so, providing I can get them all listed in time, I’ll update the shop this evening.  Here’s a selection of what will be available:

hot spots sets

Earring Pairs

heart clasps

heart connectors

(The hearts in the second pair of photos are connectors rather than clasps.  They were going to be clasps but I realised too late that I hadn’t made the loops large enough.  They’ll be listed at a lower price to compensate for this bit of stupidity.)

rusty chunker

stitched beads

teal lacy leaves 1

toni stamps rusty pieces

sea shades inked 1


rusty feather

I do like this rusty feather… might nab it if it doesn’t go…

There are some other bits and pieces that I’ll be listing so do have a look later. Click here to head to the shop. There are also a number of custom reserves so if you’ve requested something, it should be there, but I’ll be in touch with folk to let them know when they’re up.  I’ll aim to get them done by 6.30-ish. Right, I’d better get listing!

New Beads – Shop Update 10.11.13

So, I’ve had a bit of a bead making session this last week.  I’ll be updating the bead shop tomorrow night.  There are a number of new designs.  After doing so many things with the metal paint and patina, I’ve been giving some thought to ‘plain’ polymer designs.  Sometimes you just want brighter colours.  Not all of my plans were successful but I’ve made some pairs that turned out quite nicely.

speckle swirl inked

sombrero inked 2

blue carved lanterns 1

Okay, so this last pair isn’t so bright, but these are.

heart clasps

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make beads that do what they say.  I’ve been held back by not having the right text stamps. I’m still on the lookout for the ideal alphabet, but I managed to make do with some stamps I already have to make these clasps.

I don’t tend to go overboard on seasonal deigns, but I thought a few simple snowflakes wouldn’t hurt.


This house is also rather wintery too.

brown winter house

There are more houses available in a couple of other colours so there’s a bit of choice.  I did end up getting the patina paints out. I had a custom order…

leaves for natalie

…so, I made up a few other pieces.  I love this dotted rusty finish.

rusty dotted beads

Here are some of the other patina pieces that I’ll be listing.

other patina

It’s been a while since I made up any of these:

blue dip-dye beads

So, I’ve made up a couple of sets, and I’ve upscaled the design, using some large vintage pleated drop beads.

dip dye drops

It’s hard to tell from these photos but the single bead is really quite large – perfect for a necklace focal.

That’s a good part of the new stuff covered but there are some other pieces that’ll be listed, so do check the shop tomorrow night if you want to see the lot.  I’ll be listing them in the evening, around 6.30pm.  And, if that’s not enough, this lot will be heading to Big Bead Little Bead some time soon.

bblb beads

One last time: here’s the link to my shop.  Hope to see you there!