Silver and stone earrings now listed

So, I’m listing earrings today, all of them combining silver and stones. I got so immersed in making rings, I haven’t really got around to doing much in the way of making silver earrings. But I put a few together, including a couple of cabochon set pairs, including these with some rather lovely crazy lace fans –proclaiming-these-glorious-lies-1

– and these plump little solar quartz buttons.


I have a stack of paired cabs so there’ll be more bezel set pairs anon.

Then there’s this pair of pairs with grey orbicular rhyolite drops. thickenings-of-light-and-air-1


I’m kinda a sucker for grey. I have a pair similar to these last ones with the reticulated pads – soooooo very wearable!

Next, well, I’ve made silver spikes; I had to make silver cones! Every scrap of these is made from sterling – except the labradorite here (which is more glow-y in reality!),


and the little black spinels here –


All of these are now listed on Etsy. I’ll be back tomorrow with the next batch!