And Today: One-Off Rings

Today’s listings are a collection of one-off rings. They were all made in response to the particular stone. It gave me the idea and then it had to be realised. I have been kinda working on series, but sometimes you just want to make that one particular thing. First up there’s this very simple piece which has the most deep, delicious globule of rutile quartz.

a-sleepy-golden-storm-1A Sleepy Golden Storm

I spent some time considering potential embellishments: maybe some granules on the rim, or maybe a few small spiky prongs placed irregularly round the stone. But, in the end, I just went with simple, because whoever ends up owning it is just going to be looking at the stone, really. You can see all the delicate rutiles better in this picture.


(With thanks to my dear, dear friend Toni, for lending her non-metalling, non-ceramic-ing, non-oxidising fingers!)

Next up, this little thing.


The Gap Of Today Filling Itself

I don’t have that much to say about it, really. It was, like I said, just one of those ideas that came to me, and appealed to me, as I was turning over this little piece of reticulated sheet. But I rather like it!

Next one! Some time ago I treated myself to a this gorgeous great drop of sunstone. It’s a favourite stone of mine and I knew I’d be keeping it. So, I went to town and came up with this whopper. For once I didn’t even oxidise the metal.


Getting the metal to rise up into this cupped shape was a time-consuming but fascinating and ultimately satisfying process. When I started, it seemed impossible that my hammer strikes could result in this smooth sweeping shape. I knew I wanted to make another to put in the shop.


A Tender Thorn

There may well actually be more in this design in time.

I’m also planning on using more of the little spiky prongs that I’ve added to this next ring.


The Empty Immensity

It’s kinda spacey this one; and the rough pyrite sits so well with the reticulated silver. It just needed those wee spiky accents.

Finally, there’s this bumblebee jasper piece.


An Easy Luminosity

I got the cab in a de-stash someone was doing and I knew, even before I had it in my hands, that I wanted just this simple geometric shape as the face of the ring. And – a rare thing so far! – it’s actually adjustable, so it’s likely to fit most people!

That’s it for today. They’re all listed right now on Etsy.