Late present and AJE earring challenge

There’s still a lot of snow on the ground.  Dexy remains unconvinced.

Dexy for blog

The snow coincided nicely with the arrival of a late Christmas present.  With some money I received I treated myself to a Gaea Beads gift certificate.  I had been wanting to try them out for ages and there’s such a wide selection on the website I knew I’d be hard pressed to pick just a couple.  So, my gift allowed a bit of a spree.

gaea beads for blog

Lovely, yes?  I particularly like the faceted heart, the polka dots and the textured peanut.  Rather stupidly, I didn’t think to order any pairs, because they would come in handy right now.  I’m taking part in the Art Jewellery Elements Earring Challenge.  Today is the first reveal day.  So, here’s what I made.  I used a pair of beautiful ceramic buttons made by Jane Lidbetter and available from Big Bead Little Bead.

AJE earrings pic

I do like the way the czech glass spindles pick up the pattern painted on the buttons.  There are heaps of folk around the globe taking part.  There’s also a Pinterest board where a number of participants are sharing their earrings.  It’s time I went to pin mine.