Market time, so, yep, more new jewellery…

Before anything else: a while ago one of you much-appreciated readers of this blog told me that they were trying to post comments but they didn’t show up. I’ve had a real nightmare trying to deal with spam and it seems that the spam filters I tried to put in place are somehow not approving the few comments that I actually want to receive (as opposed to the wealth of junk about louboutin shoes and prescription drugs).  I’ve just checked my spam and found several ‘proper’ comments that had been filed there. I’m telling you all this because I really do appreciate it when people take the time to comment and if you are having problems commenting I’d really, really appreciate it if you took the time to let me know.



it’s market time again this Sunday.  Which, of course, means I have a shedload of new designs to share with you. I’ve managed to get most of them listed on Etsy, but this first crop of earrings have been made in the last day or so, so they’re not listed yet. If you want any of them, do drop me a line.

ruched tips

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

I hadn’t made any SE tip earrings in an age so I thought I’d rustle up a fresh pair for the stall.  These painted pebbles are also popular.

always the ocean

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

I’ve been trying to make some shorter earrings – not everyone wants shoulder scraping drops – but it leaves me thinking: too simple?  I’ve also been trying to make some less expensive earrings, like these.

old rose stacks

You can have these for £14.50. What else? I picked up this pack of beautiful feathers a while ago. And then forgot all about them – until the other day.

dotty 1

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

I particularly like how they look in the photos I took – so I’m including a couple…

dotty 2

I love these SE stitched droppers. I have a similar pair that I’ve been wearing a lot.

outer reaches

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

I could perhaps have done to be more inventive with what I put with them – what d’ya think?  Same thing with this pair:

chinese whisperers

Now for the stuff that’s been listed. My run of necklace making (and making necklace I actually like!) has continued…

through the leaves 1

(polymer bird – Jetta Bug Jewelry; rusty patina connector – Something to do Beads)

resting place 1

(polymer owl – Jetta Bug Jewelry; ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth)

in the silver light 1

(ceramic building – Jubilee)

Two of these have been reserved but the one with the rusty connector is still available.  Bracelets next.

bouquet 1

(polymer flower – Elise Canning; ceramic flowers – Captured Moments)

first dew 1

(ceramic bead – Jubilee; beaded beads – Rebecca Anderson)

from the vine 1

(ceramic rounds – Blueberribeads and Golem Studios; lampwork round – Cheeky Cherub Designs)

jacaranda 1

(ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth)

journey's end 1

(driftwood bead – Nature Scavenger)

tail feather 1

(ceramic round – Anne Lidbetter)

And finally, a few more earrings

festival 1

(ceramic barrels – Kays Crea Corner)

trick in the tale 1

(ceramic droppers – Happy Fish Things)

smokey blooms 1

As always, if you’re in or around Frome tomorrow, do drop by and say hello. I’ll be outside the George Hotel, just by the music stage, from 10am to 3pm.

Staving it off

I’m getting ill – again!  It started yesterday but I really can’t be doing with it right now (like anyone ever can…). My folks have both had a ferocious bug and I guess it’s my turn to have it. I thought I’d escaped but I should know better, really. And – perfect timing – it’s market day tomorrow.

0clip_image002 copy

I’m just hoping I can keep it together for five hours, then resign myself to the full force of its grottiness.  Anyway, here’s some of the new pieces I’ll have on the stall.  My soup from Lori has had me thinking about greens and blues.

kiwi 1st

(driftwood wheels – Nature Scavenger)

coffee and cream 1

(lampwork bead – Glass Bead Art)

spice flower 2

I always photograph bracelets with button clasps with the button to the front, but sometimes that means you can’t see some of the ‘special bits’, like these lampwork beads.

spice flowers

But this view doesn’t really work. I guess I’ll end up having to photograph it again – argh! I’m afraid I can’t name the lampworker as I bought them from a friend who was de-stashing and couldn’t remember who made them. Anyone recognise them?

golden day

Still struggling with dismal grey photographs…

feather soft 5

(ceramic lentil – Golem Studios)

 I shared this necklace a while ago, and said I thought it was too simple. I decided it definitely was and have dressed it up a bit.  These would match nicely.

faded feathers 1

serrated 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

I’ve got a bunch of pieces that I made for a project in the latest edition of Beads and Beyond.  It’s funny – I’ve found, doing magazine stuff, that you sometimes make things that don’t really fit with the rest of the stuff in your shop.  I’m not sure if I’ll list all of these, and these aren’t all the pieces I made for the project.  Most of them have some Scorched Earth in them, so I won’t keep repeating my credits! The ombre polymer pieces were made by me.

ocean fans

coaster necklace

coastal bacelet

egg shell earrings

sea view earrings

I’ve got a confession I have to make with this next necklace. I was majorly led by a piece that Lorelei Eurto made, and the piece that initially inspired her.  I got these wooden bars and was puzzling what to do with them. I did try to resist but… ach well… This is the piece I mentioned the time before last, featuring the tricky wooden rectangle that I included in Lori’s soup.  I hope I’ve managed to put my own spin on it; and I managed to get one of those rectangles used!

mantle 1

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads, ceramic rectangle – Jubilee, ceramic cap – Scorched Earth)

Finally, here’s a necklace in which I finally used one of my sets of Happy Fallout Palimpsest beads.  It’s going to end up being pretty pricey because of all the different stuff I used.

the long wait

I’ve had it planned for some time.  It would be lovely if someone bought it, but I suspect it will hang around… Hey ho… The market is on from 10am – 3pm tomorrow, in Frome town centre.  My pitch is in front of Fat Face, just outside my front door.  Small mercies!!

Return of the market

So, my monthly markets resume tomorrow.  The event has been renamed and rebranded and is now called the Frome Independent. I’ve got my table plan sorted – although, looking at it, I’m thinking there may be too many bracelets.  There’s no table cloth on here so it doesn’t look so great. IMG_3046

I also managed to catch Dexy mid-shake. Despite the prep and various other commitments, I’ve managed to get a few new pieces made over the last week or so.

primary hearts_edited-1

(lampwork hearts – Keeley Kenyon)

emerald standard 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)


I got this neat hemp cord with blended colours –


I’m easily pleased! I’ve been trying it out in a couple of bracelets.


(polymer heart – Rejetta Sellers, polymer round – LC Beads, painted driftwood – Nature Scavenger)

What you can’t see in that picture is this dinky vintage dog charm, which matching rainbow ears!

bonzo detail

Here’s a very simple piece – I’m not sure what to do with it, really. I just wanted to see all those lovely colours braided together.

taffy plat

Shame the rubbish light doesn’t let you see them!  Here’s another disappointing photo!

owl band

(ceramic owl – Majoyoal)

It’s a pity cos I’m quite pleased with it.  More owls here:

serious owls

(ceramic owls – Majoyoal)

lagoon shells

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

magenta line 1

(lampwork rondelle – Moogin, tin caps – Lorelei Eurto Hill)

polka drops

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

amber iron 1

(rusty drops – Something to do Beads)

So, all these and more will be available tomorrow, 10am – 3pm, in Frome town centre.  Somehow, I’ve forgotten to add a price tag to these.  And they haven’t made it into the stock box…

lagoon crescents

(ceramic crescents – Happy Fish)

I really want to keep them… Is that allowed?