Holidays are coming…

I’ve been a bit torn lately, between wanting to make lots of beads to get the kiln nice and full and wanting to make jewellery in preparation for Christmas. I’ve been a bit flakey this year and didn’t bother to hunt out lots of Christmas fairs.  So, on that front, I just have the one in Frome, the Independent, but it’s usually a busy one (fingers crossed that remains the case this year!).  I also want to get a good stock of new giftable pieces onto Etsy too. Over the last few days I’ve made a number of pieces that I’ll be adding to the shop over the next couple of days. In fact, I’ve already listed some this evening – a couple of necklaces and a couple of pairs of earrings:

spikes and stripes 1

(ceramic spikes and connector – Scorched Earth; ceramic bird – Something to do Beads)

versailles heart 1

(ceramic heart – Scorched Earth)

Ice and spice 1

(torch-fired plates – 4 ophelia)

sea jewels 1

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

I hadn’t planned to wrap all that wire on but the spikes, the loop of which sit inside the large hole beads above, kept wiggling around and sticking out at odd angles.  All the rest of the new pieces are bracelets.  As you may know, if you read this blog regularly-ish, I’ve been selling quite a few of these recently.

lone stag 1

In fact, various bracelets with Jo Lucksted‘s critter beads sold well at the market last Christmas, so I’ve been stocking up.

icy blue bear 1

badger 1

Finally, here’s three more new bracelets –

candy coloured 1

(polymer heart – Jetta Bug Jewelry, ceramic round – Golem Studios)

cubed 1

(ceramic house – Elukka)

faded denims 1

(ceramic bracelet bar – Bo Hulley)

All of these should be on Etsy within the next few days but if there’s anything that particularly catches your eye that you’d like to order now, please do let me know via Etsy or Facebook.  I’ll leave you with this wee bracelet that I made for me.

my grey bracelet

(polymer tube – Swoondimples)

Two markets: one weekend….

It’s been a while – things have been pretty busy here.  Some time ago I blithely signed up to do two markets in one weekend.  Well, that’s now this coming weekend – what was I thinking?  Both markets are big Christmas events and worth a visit if you’re in the area.  On Saturday I’ll be joining Magpies and I in their Spiegeltent in Bristol.tumblr_inline_mwrymaoE5G1r5a0ba

Then, on Sunday, it’s back to Frome for the Christmas Supermarket.


I’ve no idea how much stock I’ll need but I’ve optimistically made up a lots of Scorched Earth tip earrings as they tend to be popular.  crackle tips

scraff tips

forest tips

fuchsia tips

hematite tipslagoon tips

If you fancy any of these, do drop me a line.  There’s a heap of other pieces that I’ll be back to share before the weekend.  Ta-ra for now.