Bead Shop Update – Wed, 21st October, 6.30pm, BST

Oh dear – long time, no post. Well, I’ve been busy. Busy making beads, which are finally ready to list. They’ll be hitting the shop at 6.30pm (BST) on Wednesday, 21st October. Working on this last batch of beads has really given me pause for thought. I’ve got into a kinda feast or famine cycle of making either all beads or all jewellery at one time. I don’t like it. I find myself wanting to be doing one thing when I’m doing the other. And, really, I think the two should be integrated so that one will inform the other more and push things forward. So, I’m giving some thought to how work this out. Anyway, you’re perhaps more interested in seeing these new beads.  I’ve spent quite some time working on a number of ideas that have lead me to make some larger, more time consuming pieces.  I’ve made more moths. Some, like last time, have lots of multi-coloured detail –

orange and aqua moth 2

blue green moth 1

But I’ve made a couple more from porcelain and did the wings with sgraffito in black and white.

red tiger moth 2

Boy, did that take some time. It was one of those things where you have to work through a number of delicate stages where, at each, there is the possibility that you’ll muck the whole thing up and have to abandon all your hard work. Fortunately, this time, I managed to avoid doing that.

I’ve also made some more kinda primitive pouch type things.

primitive pouch stitched 1

primitive puch (g'father clock) 1

Not sure I’d call that second one a pouch but it’s in the same kinda vein. The last lot of large focals are these large hand-painted beads.

puffin canvi 1

There’s more sgraffito on this one.

zipper canvi 3I’m happy with the way all of these have turned out, but I worry about putting so much time into individual pieces. It means I need to charge more for them if this bead making thing is going to work realistically, in the long term.  I got a bit of a telling off last time for not charging enough for things, like the moths. It’s made me reassess how much I charge for certain items so a few things will be going out at higher prices. I should say it was an affectionate telling off: if you’re looking for someone to blame, blame Petra!  I’m just telling myself if they don’t sell they can just sit in the shop looking pretty….

There are more cones, on which I’ve been trying different glazes and things.

focal cone 3

focal cone 5

focal cone 4I’m crazy for crackles at the moment. There are a few small pairs two, including these. Love the soft colours on them….

cone pair 2

What else? I’ve done a bit of autumn –

stained glass leaf pendant A

turning leaf pendant A

I never tire of seeing that molten red glaze when I open the kiln. I made this acorn mould about a year ago. I nearly forgot that I’d had it waiting all this time to be relevant.

acorn charms

I’ve also made more lots of rounds with glazes or finishes that have been popular. You can buy singles of all of these.


And there’s lots more headpins, although not quite the baffling number I managed to produce last time.

celadon crackle lily pin 2

blister ball headpins 1

cobalt line drop pins 1

molten red lily pins 2

Another hit last time was the sets of earring beads.

earrings beads 1 A

earring beads 7 A

These are one of the things where I’ll be charging a little more this time. I was so unsure whether there’d be any interest in them, I initially put them out at a rather low price. They won’t be much more – just enough for me not to feel I’m giving my time away!  I’ve also been working one these chunky randoms sets.

Mixed set 1 A mixed set 9 A

mixed set 10 A

mixed set 12 A

There are quite a few and they’ve got all different types of ware in them and lots of different shapes, colours and sizes. I spent ages combining and recombining them when putting the sets together. I think that was me missing making jewellery.

As ever there’s a good range of earring charms of this kinda sort-green crackle wedges

crackle daggers two tone

shimmering sky earring charms

Surely that’s everything? Nope! I made all these pieces with kinda faux staples.

stapled earring charms

stapled wheel bead set 1 stapled pendant connector 1 peeling paper stapled pendant 1

Surprisingly labour intensive! Now, I think that’s the main things covered. I’ll leave you with a last few bits and pieces…

bone china ancients 1 scorched and tattered charms gold smoky pitted ball charms large glowing embers earring charms

….and I’ll hope to see you on Wednesday (21.10.15), at 6.30pm, in the shop!

More CABM Auctions

Just a quick post to let you know that I have some more pieces up for auction on the Ceramic Art Bead Market on Facebook. The auctions end at 9.45 on Tuesday night (BST). (If you’re not a member, it’s easy to join. Simply go to the page and click on ‘Join Group’.) It’s mainly more whimsical, colourful, fun stuff this time, including ooak pieces that I won’t be making again. Here’s what’s available:bird pair

parrot 1

misty morning lentil 1There’s some more head pin bundles. I’m pretty stuck on handmade headpins at the moment.head pin bundle D 3headpin bundle c 3And finally, one of these metallics stoneware bead sets –metallics bead set 1

And here’s another link to CABM…

Ta Dah!

Look at this. This is the clearest and most tidy that my work table has been since… since… I started working on it:

photo 1-2

Also: I have a tidy, tidy stash:

photo 2

All orders are packed (thank you!):

photo 1-2 copy 2

Essential purchases have been made and delivered –

photo 1-2 copy

– and appraised by Dexy:

photo 3

And unwrapped:


(yep, all essential stuff, that….)

Which means….. it’s time to get the mud out!:

photo 4

If you have any bead custom order requests, now would be a good time to ask. Email me:

Waaaaaay too late – some new-ish beads…

I’ve done it again: neglected my blog and gone putting new beads in the shop without saying a word about them here. Two weeks pass and I want to post about something else but feel I can’t overlook…. Oh, never mind!  Thing is, I did do a blog post about them on Art Bead Scene. I say a few things about them in that post as well, but for now I’ll just share some photos with you here.

slip decorated porcelain

cobalt on porcelaincone caps

earring pairs

headpinshouse, flower, bird

lilies and leaves

multi-layer sets

other bead sets

primitive naive face beads group

thorns group

spears groupThere are still a number of these beads available here in the shop. I’ll be back soon with more new things and – who knows?! – maybe even some words!

Important Stuff about Bead Custom Orders

I’m starting work on a new batch of beads.


I have lots of plans for new designs and I’m looking forward to coming up with other new things as I go along. I’m also planning on making more of the beads that have been particularly popular in the past. One thing I have noticed in previous updates is that there are certain designs that sell out very quickly.

medium yellow roses 2

In the past, I’ve had a number of people be disappointed that they haven’t been able to bag the beads they wanted. I could just make extra of all the beads I think are or might be popular, but it occurred to me that it would make sense if I offered customers this opportunity to place custom orders for things they particularly want, whether it be things they’ve missed out on or things they’ve had in the past and would like to buy again.

dominos earring charms pair a 1

If that’s you then could you please message me using the following address: Unfortunately, the comment function on this blog is, well, bloody useless, so a message would be much safer.

big stripey ancients 2

Also, do have a look at my Sold Items in the Etsy shop to see if there’s anything there that you fancy.

birds for rebecca

I’m afraid that I won’t be making any of the polymer or patina pieces you might find there, but there’s plenty of ceramic items from which to choose.

porcelain spears - red and black 1

[A brief aside: there will also hopefully be a limited amount of patinated chain!]

purple haze calla lily pair 2

The firing schedule that I’m falling into means that I’m not always in a position to take custom orders, or if I can, it’s often the case that I’ll have to ask the customer to wait for a month or usually more. So, I hope taking advance orders now will suit some of you.  No upfront payment is required, however.

red eruption points 1

So, the email address again:  If you could title your emails ‘Custom Order’ that would be really helpful.

wrapped tusk earring drops 1


New Beads

Oh dear – poor old blog, I do neglect you sometimes. And you’re going to get slightly shabby treatment now too. I listed a heap of new beads last week. Lots and lots of them – by far the biggest shop update I’ve ever done!  A good number have sold but there’s still a lot of choice.  Anyway, I should have blogged about them but i had to do a post for Art Bead Scene, so I blogged there about them. Now, lazily, I’m just going to copy that post and share it here too…..


Oh boy, have I been busy!  As you may know if you regularly read this blog, I got a kiln fairly recently and have been making ceramic beads.  Prior to that, for a short while, I was getting my stuff fired at a local potter’s place.  I’m now falling into a production cycle of firings that results in large batches of beads.  I may be wrong, but as I understand it, many ceramic bead makers use a kiln that is a bit smaller than the one I chose (now christened Bertha).  So, my production cycle involves spending an age making up heaps and heaps of greenware to fill up all that space, ready to be bisque fired.

As you can see, I could actually get much more in here but I can only wait so long! I opted for a larger size because it was not that much more to get a kiln three times the size of the very smallest.  Also, I was bothered that I wouldn’t be able to get many beads racks in glaze firings if I went for the small kiln.  But, the drawback is that it takes a long time to get a batch of beads completed. It also means that I end up with a massive mountain of bisque that needs glazing, which can be a bit overwhelming.  All this aside, I’m still loving the whole process. It was very good to get this greenware cooking. Did I whisper, Go, Bertha, Go!, as she whirred into action? I may have… . Then, after four glaze firings – two different stonewares and two different earthenwares – I finally had my batch finished.  And then it was time for the dreaded photographing, editing and listing, which has taken much of this week. I finally got all these new beads into my bead shop last night.  Anyway, time for a photo feast. Like I said, there were rather a lot of them…

Lots of earring beads, including lots of my point pairs…

and a range of polka dot porcelain spears.

I’ve been experimenting with making breastplate pendant connectors,

along with lots of other pendants:

And I’m still obsessed with all things seed pod and lily-like:

I have tiger stripe beads in a rainbow of shades, including these:

And plenty of these pennant sets –

I decided to go in for the whole Marsala thing – and bought too many Marsala-y glazes. Some worked better then others….

These roses have been very popular so I made up plenty of sets; here are just a few:

And, of course, there’s always a call for birds:

I had lots of fun selecting palettes for these sets:

And here’s a last few bits:

These are just a few from that mountain in the kiln, so if you’re interested in seeing the others, click here.

As I said, many have sold – thank you, lovely customers –


but there are still plenty available!

Bead Shop Update – 7pm, 6th November

So I finally got all those beads listed – well, the listings are drafted, save for a few more details – and I’ll be adding them to the shop tomorrow evening at 7pm. So what is there? Well, as I mentioned last time, I’ve made more of most of the things that sold well or had a good response last time, including these tiger stripes, which will be available in pairs in various colours…

tiger stripes

…and these graphic blooms, which I’ve done in different colours and quantities.

graphic blooms

There are LOADS of earring pairs – this is just some of what will be available.

earring pairs

I’ve also topped the birds up – both pairs and singles.


And there’s more roses, including these.


There are various bead sets – some stoneware, some earthenware – including…

bead sets

And I made up a few more of these old standards in different colours, etc…


There’s some new pendant designs.


I tried my hand at sgraffito.

sgraffito collage

And these are new too.

oxide beads

Again these will be available in sets but also individually.  I have heaps of new designs in the works, including lilies, igloos, penguins, and much more besides, but they are still waiting to be fired. In the meantime, these and much more will be available here tomorrow at 7pm.

!Birthday Discount Codes!

It’s seems no time at all since I was last letting you know that it was my birthday. This year has flown: really, I can’t remember feeling like a year has ever passed as quickly as this one.  I don’t tend to make a song and dance about this occasion – although I’ve stretched to some shout-y exclamation marks for my title here. It’s just to alert you to the annual tradition of birthday discount codes. I’m offering 30% off jewellery this weekend and 20% off beads (click on these links for the shops). Here’s those all important codes: for jewellery, use the code BIRTHDAY30; and for beads, BIRTHDAY20.

I haven’t shared any images of my new ceramic beads on here; I’ve been meaning to do it for an age. A fair number of these have already sold but I like to keep a record of these things on my blog so apologies if you spot something that you want that’s not currently available (- or something you’ve already seen elsewhere!) However, I am in the process of making more beads so if there’s anything you’re interested in ordering, get in touch and I can let you know if that’s possible! More generally, I’d love to hear which beads in particular people like, then I have an idea of what I should make more of.  Anyway, on with the images:

Misc other

bead collage 2


bead collage 1

earring pairs blue

earring pairs trapezoids

bead collage 3

near beads


bead collage 4

earring pairs glazy daggers

other misc

bead collage 5

stain bead sets


other sets

bead collage 6


earring pairs trapezoids

Some of these and even more other beads are available in the shop.  Remember, that code (BIRTHDAY20) must be used to get 20% off.  I’ll leave you with a picture of a bracelet I recently relisted. It’s always been a bit of a favourite of mine.


It’s full of lovely luxe stuff and you can have it for just £33.25, if you use the discount code BIRTHDAY30. Here’s another link for the jewellery shop.  I think that’s everything covered -bye for now!