So, yeah, it’s that time of year again: me getting that bit closer to 40. As is customary, I’m not going to be having any wild celebrations, but it’s also customary for me to offer a discount code so you can make a saving and get yourself a present. The bead shop is rather bare but I’ve just topped up the jewellery shop with lots of new good things in the last day or so (including some real favourites), so I’m offering 25% off all jewellery this weekend. The coupon code is BIRTHDAY25 – just enter it in the little box marked ‘Apply Coupon Code’ when you check out on Etsy. Here’s all the new things that I’ve listed in the last couple of days. (PS. yes, I’ve copped out on putting in all the bead makers again – faaaar to many to mention right now!)

one hurt colour 1

All Things Counter 1

All This and Not ordinary 1


At Home With Strangers 1

beautiful element of unreason 1

Close To 1

found, wanting 1

imagination enough 1

lichen 1

light years 1

of or pertaining to dragons 1

one inhabitant of me 1

potentilla 1

shrill antithesis 1

skyline 1

Tangibles 1

the firecat 1

there's a name for everything 1

Violet on Slate 1

What We Are Missing 1

whispering consultations 1

So, the coupon code: BIRTHDAY25; The shop: This way!

!Birthday Discount Codes!

It’s seems no time at all since I was last letting you know that it was my birthday. This year has flown: really, I can’t remember feeling like a year has ever passed as quickly as this one.  I don’t tend to make a song and dance about this occasion – although I’ve stretched to some shout-y exclamation marks for my title here. It’s just to alert you to the annual tradition of birthday discount codes. I’m offering 30% off jewellery this weekend and 20% off beads (click on these links for the shops). Here’s those all important codes: for jewellery, use the code BIRTHDAY30; and for beads, BIRTHDAY20.

I haven’t shared any images of my new ceramic beads on here; I’ve been meaning to do it for an age. A fair number of these have already sold but I like to keep a record of these things on my blog so apologies if you spot something that you want that’s not currently available (- or something you’ve already seen elsewhere!) However, I am in the process of making more beads so if there’s anything you’re interested in ordering, get in touch and I can let you know if that’s possible! More generally, I’d love to hear which beads in particular people like, then I have an idea of what I should make more of.  Anyway, on with the images:

Misc other

bead collage 2


bead collage 1

earring pairs blue

earring pairs trapezoids

bead collage 3

near beads


bead collage 4

earring pairs glazy daggers

other misc

bead collage 5

stain bead sets


other sets

bead collage 6


earring pairs trapezoids

Some of these and even more other beads are available in the shop.  Remember, that code (BIRTHDAY20) must be used to get 20% off.  I’ll leave you with a picture of a bracelet I recently relisted. It’s always been a bit of a favourite of mine.


It’s full of lovely luxe stuff and you can have it for just £33.25, if you use the discount code BIRTHDAY30. Here’s another link for the jewellery shop.  I think that’s everything covered -bye for now!


Tomorrow is the day for taking time out to mark the fact that I am still ploughing steadily through my thirties.  I don’t tend to make that much of a fuss about it generally, however I’ve noticed others offering age-appropriate discounts on their birthdays and, well, it sounds like a plan to me.  So, I’m going to be offering a whole 30(!!!)% off in the jewellery shop.  The code is 30SOMETHING and – as a sneaky thank you for reading this – I can tell you it is already active.  I’ve got most of my new designs listed, but, while I’m here, here are a couple of things that might(!) be listed in time for tomorrow.  If there’s anything that particularly appeals, let me know and I’ll make sure I get it listed in time for you to get the discount.


(giraffe pendant – Jade Scott, ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

orange crush

(lampwork beads – Puffafish, ceramic wheels – KaysCreaCorner, ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

saffron pinked

(lampwork beads – Puffafish)

space sticks

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)