New Beads – Shop Update Today, 6.30pm BST

It seems to have taken me the longest time but I finally have my latest batch of beads ready to add to the bead shop tonight. There are around 150 items waiting to be listed. They’ll be going live today, 19th August, at 6.30pm BST. There or there abouts. Here’s just a little of what will be available.

bead sets

These cones were a hit last time, so I’ve made up some more…

cones group

…including a small number of matching pairs.

cone pairs

Talking of matching pairs, a while ago, I made myself a stack of beads. It was only when I finished that it occurred to me that it would be kinda helpful to have some smaller beads, to use at the top of earrings and suchlike. My default size that I tend towards when making beads is always kinda big, I realised. So, I challenged myself –

earring pair setsNow I just need to make some for me to use… There are six sets in all; if they don’t go I might start pinching them myself. And here are some of the gazillion pairs of earring charms and beads that I’ve made to go with them.

earring pairs

Really, there are loads, and that’s not to mention the healthy pile of points and wedge pairs that I’ve made.

points etc

And then there’s the headpins too – there’s also a lot of them.


But it’s not all earring-y things. There are a number of new focals – some of which took an age to decorate…


And I came up with a new look bird design.

birds group

I’ve also made up multiples of some rounds and rondelles with some of my favourite glazes, so they can be bought singly.


Finally, I’ve made a number of one-of-a-kind focals and head pin bundles, and some other bits and bobs, which I’ll be selling on Ceramic Art Bead Market in the next few days. In the meantime, all these and many more will be available in the bead shop later today.

New jewellery round-up

My jewellery making has been curtailed recently, what with all the bead making.  However, I have found time, here and there, to make a few new pieces.  My resolution not to make stacks of autumnal designs didn’t stand for very long.

falling leaves 1

(enamel leaf – C-Koop)

one leaf, two leaves 1

(ceramic tubes – Golem Studios)

love leaves 1

(ceramic hearts and button – Bo Hulley)

I guess this last couple aren’t too autumnal. Can’t say the same about these…

turning leaves 1

I’ve also been working in some of my new beads, which has been particularly satisfying.

between the leaves 1

(ceramic bird – Something to do Beads)

lone flyer 1

(ceramic bird – Something to do Beads)

You can tell that the season has turned just by looking at some of these photos, particularly the ones I took of this necklace.

flying south 2

(ceramic bird – Slate Studio, ceramic coins – Blueberribeads)

I had to photoshop the bejesus out of them just to get them looking this respectable, which isn’t very respectable. I should take them again really…. we’ll see… Lots of birds in all these pieces, aren’t there?  Here’s another one of these:

stag bracelet

(ceramic stag bead – Jo Lucksted)

Something less autumnal here:

betwixt bracelet 1

(ceramic cubes – Grubbi; raku cube – Jubilee; button clasp – Amanda Davie)

And matching earrings. Although the bracelet has sold, so I guess they’re just earrings.

cubed and stacked

(ceramic cubes – Grubbi)

And I think that’s the lot. As I indicated, some of these have sold but the majority that haven’t gone are available on Etsy.  There’s a couple still to list which should be up some time tomorrow.  Do let me know if there’s something you’d like which you can’t see in the shop.

New Beads, predominately birds…

As you may or may not know, I haven’t made many beads recently. I was prompted to get the clay out to try a couple of things I’ve had in mind.  For a start, I’ve been wanting to try making some smaller birds, suitable for earrings.  I made a couple of pairs…

wee brown birds

wee olive grey birds

as well as a couple of loners.

wee blue birds

I also had these bead set designs in mind and I wanted to try them out.

geo patch beads

As I was making the yellow set, I was struck with the shape of one of them, which led me to make these –

patch birds group

That’s the bulk of the new bits. Not much, I know…  I made a few random extras – old faves mostly –

Misc beads

And these seafoam spirals which have touches of gold. Good for earrings, me thinks.

seafoam spirals

I’ve now listed all of these in the bead shop: Here!

Since last time

It’s been over two weeks since I last blogged.  Tsk tsk…  I’ve had some distractions – visiting London to meet my new nephew being the one of the pleasanter ones.  There have also been new beads and some new jewellery designs.  I planned to say more about a number of these things than I will do here, and I will say more in time.  Perhaps it’s the impact of listening to George Osborne’s voice for 54 minutes, but I’m feeling a little short on chat today!

I’ve made quite a lot of beads recently.  I’ve been wanting to try some text-y beads and charms for a while now.  I made a bit of an error before I started, when I ordered my stamps.  As I often do when I order things online, I failed to consider how large the letters were.  Once I opened them up, I realised they were quite large.  I had planned to put little phrases on things but with these stamps I’d be limited to very large pendants if I did that. So, I opted for single words. The matter of what words to use is something I’m going to come back to.  Briefly, for now, I picked words associated with intimacy and constance – fitting for jewellery, I thought.

new words 4 blog

I was anxious with these that they shouldn’t end up looking like Swoondimples rip-offs, especially as the font on the stamps looks very similar.  I hope I’ve avoided that – please do say if you disagree!  It becomes quite hard to tell once you’ve looked at something and fussed over it for some time.  There were quite a number of attempts that ended up in the dud tub, but I’m fairly pleased with this handful.  New, smaller letter stamps are on order.

I also got some new birds and houses made.  A number have sold but these are still available.  bird and house top up

I also finally got around to sending some new stock to Big Bead Little Bead.   There are more houses there now, along with owls and hedgehogs.

And now for the new jewellery.  Hopefully, I’ll get these listed on Etsy shortly.

scribed bracelet

(bronze clasp – TheaTOO, ceramic hoop and cap – Scorched Earth)

rusted indigo

(ceramic button – Scorched Earth, polymer slices – mepale bird bracelet

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)

I had to use that Blueberribeads bird to justify getting some more, this time in grey.

grey bird earrings

I got a bit behind with the AJE earring challenge, so I had to make up several pairs.

spring dahlia earrings

(lampwork dahlia beads – Ciel Creations, lampwork headpins – Earthshine Beads)

And I finally got a pair made with my own beads.  These pods are also available in the bead shop.

pod earrings

I’ll leave you with one last pair of earrings.  No art beads, just lovely czech glass and some vintage, antique silver hoops.  I’ll be back soon – I have Bead Soup Blog Party pics to share.

opal glass coin wreaths