More new jewellery

It’s market day again this weekend, so I’ve been busy making up more stock.  I hadn’t quite realised how busy, until I started taking all the photos.  They’re a bit dark, I’m afraid, but there’s plenty of them.  If there’s anything you fancy, just give me a shout.

stripe spike

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earthblue eyes

(ceramic charm, tube, cap and connector – Scorched Earth, lampwork bead – Tartan Trout, beaded bead – Malin de Koning, beach pottery button – Grey Bird Studio)

crystal clouds

(ceramic cloud – Grubbi)


olive owl

(ceramic owl – Blueberribeads)

pale heart

(ceramic heart – Bo Hulley Beads)

quatz-y house

(ceramic house – Elukka, patina clasp – Something to do Beads)

red flower cluster necklace

(lampwork focal – At The Edge (also Cheeky Cherub Designs))

the light

(ceramic lantern and charm – Scorched Earth)

verd bird pendant necklace

(ceramic heart charm – Scorched Earth, bronze polymer bird, patina chain and hoops – Something to do Beads)

Why must necklaces be so tricky to photograph?  These last earrings earrings aren’t actually going on the stall.  They’re already stuck in my ears.  Had to be done…

platinum drops

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

That time again

So it’s market time again and I’ve been preparing my stall.  Yesterday was the day for the frustrating and time-consuming task of deciding on a layout.  I’m going to pare it back and put less out.  I’ve been thinking that I might be getting towards guilty of cluttering.


Now I’m wondering if it’s looking too spare…  (The white candelabra thing-y is for cheaper earrings.)  As you’ll be able to tell, my flat gets a little cramped when I’m doing this.  I wasn’t aided by the presence of Dexy, who has been sporting some new headwear this week.

dex's bucket

There are few things more pathetic than the sight of a dog wearing one of these things.  He had a bite or something that he was fretting at.  Thankfully, it’s cleared up now and he’s allowed to go without it.  Whilst ministering to him, I’ve been making up a few new pieces for the market.

fox on the lawn 1

(polymer fox – Tree Wing Studio; polka dot ceramic round – Gaea)

starry-eyed owl 1

(ceramic owl bead – Jo Lucksted)

dawn arriving 1

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)

shoreline 1

(ceramic beads and charms – Scorched Earth)

lavender straights 1

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

 strung spirals 1

(ceramic spiral charms – Scorched Earth)

orchard 1

As ever, if you happen to be around Frome on Sunday, it would be great to see you.  I’ll be at the top of Catherine Hill from 10am to 2pm.

Market prep

I’m doing my first craft fair of the year this Sunday.  It seems an age since the last one, which was is early December.  I’m not sure how many customers there’ll be, given the weather and the state of people’s finances.  Still, I’ve been busy making new stock.

moogin spring pic 1

(large lampwork bead – Moogin; small lampwork beads – Puffafish; ceramic flowers – Captured Moments; enamel bead and cap – Oregon Made Jewelry)

sunspots button bracelets

(ceramic lentil – Golem; beaded bead – Malin de Koning; sunspots beads – me)

rustic pearl chiffon ribbon

magenta linen lantern drops

(lampwork beads – Puffafish)

copper ball 1

smitten earring 1

weathered house earrings

(polymer houses – me)

northerly necklace

(ceramic beads, tips and links – Scorched Earth; ceramic bead – Happy Fallout; polymer house – me)

puffin necklace

(ceramic puffin – Scorched Earth, large lampwork bead – Hanni Heibloem; smaller lampwork bead – Glass Bead Art)

still shores bracelet

(ceramic urchin – Blueberribeads)

spring rain bracelet

(ceramic cloud – Grubbi; faceted polymer beads – me)

I’m hoping this will be a lonely cloud on Sunday.  I see I’ve made quite a lot in the last few days.  I think I’m trying to postpone getting all the stall stuff out and sorting all the dull tasks that need to be done.  Anyway, if you happen to be in the Southwest this weekend and fancy visiting a quality artisan market and Flea, do come along to Frome.  I’ll be stationed on Catherine Hill, from 10am – 2pm.