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Long time visitors to this blog may remember that about two years ago I participated in the first of a series of fun wee earring-making blog hops. The idea was suggested by Malin de Koning, who proposed that a group of five of us make earrings from a collection of pairs of beads that she had put together (head here for more details and to see the first blog hop). Subsequenty, each of us put together a pack of beads and then sent them out to the rest of the group. The last time we did one of these blog hops was in February 2016, so it’s been a while. This final pack that we’ve been working with was put together by Heidi Post. And, through an usual turn of a events, I’ve actually had them since May, 2015! At the time, it was thought that this final hop would be happening much sooner than it is, and Heidi had to send something else to me, so she included her bead selection in the parcel.


I actually made some earrings when I received them. Just recently, with a date set for this hop, I looked at them afresh and ended up taking most of them apart and re-designing them. Looking at this photo above, I see that I really haven’t done a very good job of incorporating the larger beads to the right of the picture. The beads that first caught my eye were the black stick pearls on the left. It’s a shape I’ve used quite a bit in earrings in the past, using tektite and black tourmaline crystals. These first two pairs were both re-made recently.


The marvellous dark things are from Petra, of course. The other beads are from the pack.


I really liked the unusual colour mix in the lampwork beads at the top of these, and so I worked with it throughout this pair. The thing I like about these earrings is that they’re actually slightly awkward and strange in outline. I think I tend towards more conventional, balanced profiles when designing; it’s good to diverge from these habits sometimes.

The next pair were made not long after I received the pack.


A good part of them are beads from Heidi’s selection.

Now for the earrings made more recently. Here I’ve combined some of my porcelain tusks with the curved tube beads and a couple of other tiddlers from the pack. I’m afraid that they look frankly peculiar in this picture!


When they’re on, however, they’re going to sweep gracefully below the chin, framing the face. In the next pair I’ve mixed a selection of the kinda earthy, autumnal coloured beads from the pack with some black slice beads and some unpolished amber.


The drops, which match so well, are from Robyn Cove. Finally, I have two pairs of skinny stacks that barely make the grade because they only include a few of Heidi’s beads. The minimum we’re supposed to use is three and I’ve not managed to use any more than that in either pair. Still, they exist…


Again, more Petra pieces here, along with some lampwork from Linda Newnham.

I haven’t listed any of these yet. I could only face taking a few quick snaps this morning (hence my failure to take a more flattering picture of the tusk-y jobs). The whole silver listing marathon has left me with scant appetite for photography and drafting listings. At least some of them will find their way into the shop anon. If there is anything that particularly catches your eye, do message me through Etsy.

But before you do anything else, go check out what the others have made – the links are just below. A big ol’ thanks to Heidi for sending this cool pack of treats! And thanks to Malin, again, for setting this whole thing in motion!

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6 thoughts on “Stacked Earrings V

  1. The tusks are brilliant! I can imagine they’d look very good on. And the super stacked ones with the slice and amber beads are great. You have the knack for massive stacks. I think the third pair is my favorite. All those beads work so well together. They’re so colorful but not in an obnoxious way. I’m really glad you used the pearl sticks. I tried so many times, but I was never happy with anything. Now I see how to do it right! Great job on all of them.

  2. My favorite pair is the third pair, the turquoise and orange color pallet, it’s my new favorite color combination. All your stacks are great. I’ve enjoyed visiting all the challenge participants, what as fun idea!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  3. One beauty after another here Claire!!! Very inspiring. Your post is the last one I leave a comment on. I must say I think this round has shown most variety of them all in how we have used the beads we got. All of us have made very different kinds of earrings with the same set of beads. Or am I wrong?
    Your long stretched out tusks must look fantastic when being worn. Otherwise my favourite pair is that last one. Long and elegant, with a subtle beautiful distribution of colour hues and shapes.

  4. I was thinking to myself “I have to try to make one cool pair because Claire is going to blow us away!” Each and every pair is spectacular. I love the ingenious use of the tubes on headpins. Loving all the grungy-artifact colors and shapes. There’s an architectural quality to them!

  5. As always, you worked your magic on these beads and created some stunning earrings. I can’t say enough about how much I love them, that last pair especially but the tusk ones are very cool also!

  6. My initial favourites of Heidi’s bead selection were those stick pearls too – but I have put them aside as I can’t resist making a bracelet with them. I love my stick pearl bracelets and the fact that I was supposed to make earrings with them couldn’t override that! What a hugely varied selection you have here. The amber stackers are just marvellous. Such a simple idea yet incredibly effective and original. Of course, the colourful ones leapt off the virtual page for me. I particularly crave colour from November to March so those oranges and reds and turquoises together just make me very happy. I’d love to see the tusks ‘on’! They have such a dramatic sweep, as you say.

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