New Beads

The new beads are all listed in the bead shop.  There are a number of new designs.  I’d had some of them in mind to make for some time, including these pods.  One pair is ‘side-drilled’ at the back of the pod, so they’ll drop down nicely when strung.  They’d be great focals in a row of dainty beads.  The other, smaller, pair, with central holes, are perfect for earrings – I’m planning to make a pair shortly.

pod pairs for blog

I also made some pod bead sets.

pod sets for blog

I’ve been thinking about making some bead sets for a while now.  As well as these pod sets, I wanted to make some focusing on colour combinations, using palettes I particularly like.  I had to include those faded shades, which I wrote about recently.

bead sets for blog

And yes, there are yet more pods in there – I think that set is my favourite.  Recently, I’ve been looking out for different types of rings and hoops.  I’ve started to use them a lot because they’re so versatile – as connectors, in toggle clasps, as a base for pendants, as an eye for hook clasps.  They also look good when you knot off them.  So, I wanted to try making some myself.  I’ve long admired/coveted Paper Statement bangles, so they provided some inspiration for these.  The first ones turned out larger than I’d planned, but they could be used as pendants or focal connectors.

ombre pendant

With a bit of playing about, I managed to get them down to a smaller size.

ombre hoops for blog

I’m going to make more of these to use myself.  They’d work well in bracelets, I think.  They look quite clean and crisp.  You’d get a nice contrast if you mixed them with some aged chain or dark oxidised wire.  With the remains of the green-blue blend I made these spine beads.spine beads 1

Again, they’d look good pointing out of a row of dinky beads.

What else is there?  Well, I thought I’d better top up the old favourites.

new two tone owls for blog

There should have been three two-tone pairs but the black one was too small to match, which was quite annoying because these pairs seem to be rather popular.  There are new weathered houses and smaller hedgehogs too.

houses and hodgehegs for blog

Then there’s these cane slice sets.  They’re very simple but I like them.  Again, they’d be good in a knotted bracelet.

sunspots slice sets for blog

I also listed a couple of older designs.  I came across a box of beads I made some time ago – I’d forgotten all about them.

rose beads for blog

I only have a limited number of these, so if you want some snap them up now.

Finally, there’s also some new pendants.

pendants for blog

Phew!  That’s a lot of new beads.  No wonder my hands were in a state.  If there’s anything you fancy, here’s where you click to shop!

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    • Well, I’m quite happy to reserve any if you like, Malin! Just say the word…. I did think that a number of them would particularly suit your designs.

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