Black Friday – Cyber Monday Discount Codes / new jewellery

So, it’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend, which means it’s time to offer some discounts.  I’m keeping it simple and offering 20% off all jewellery and all beads. The coupon code you need to enter when you check out is: BLACKCYBER20. !! And it’s active right now !! – through till the end of Monday, 1st December. This will be the last sale I have before Christmas, so if you’ve had your eye on something, now would be a good time to go shopping. The bead shop isn’t as full as I’d like but there’s still a couple of pages of items up for grabs. There are lots of pieces in the jewellery shop. They’ll soon be joined by this lot. I’ve been busy making winter-y pieces, partly in preparation for the Christmas market in Frome.  If you’d like any of these pieces listing now so you can take advantage of the code when paying, do let me know, via Etsy or Facebook.

When it gets to this time of year I just want everything white.

ice collar 1(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth; porcelain spines – Something to do Beads)

It would be nice if the background of my photos was white but the winter light won’t allow it.  The spike craze lasts through every season…  I’m a bit taken with this next bracelet; If it doesn’t sell I won’t be too upset.

ice fringe

(ceramic spikes – Scorched Earth)

polar bears 1

(lampwork polar bears – Madeline Bunyan)

Feather white 1

(porcelain birds – Blueberribeads)

over wintering 1

(porcelain bird – Blueberribeads)

This last bracelet is super simple and not terribly innovative (not that I claim that anything I make is at all innovative), but it’s just so pretty, and pretty darn gift-able too, I reckon. Again:

lil'sleeper 1(polymer fawn – Tree Wings Studio)

I’ve made quite a few bracelets in the last day or so.  I thought this button was a fox; turns out it’s a wolf.

wolvish 1

(pewter wolf button – Green Girl Studios)

And here’s a definite departure from all that white.

carnival 1

(lampwork lentil – Moogin; lampwork disc – Rachel Cohen)

glittering eve 1

(lampwork bead – Puffafish; enamel flower – Gardanne; beaded beads – Rebecca Anderson)

I’m kinda taken with the next bracelet too… There’s some vintage beauties in it which the supplier doesn’t have in stock anymore.

homely 1

(lampwork bead – Hanni Heibloem)

Surprise, surprise – another one of these! –

hare here 1(ceramic hare bead – Jo Lucksted)

I’ll leave you with a trio of earrings.

Lava drops 1

(lampwork beads – Mayahoney)

I can’t decide whether I like the pink wheels on these tip earrings. Opinions would be appreciated:

powder pink tips 1

(ceramic tips – Scorched Earth)

rusty buds 1

And that’s the lot. As I said, I’m happy to list any of these if you want to use the discount code – BLACKCYBER20 – to get 20% off.  And here’s a link to the bead shop and the jewellery shop so you can have a little browse, see if there’s anything you fancy…

Before I go: Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating out there!

!Birthday Discount Codes!

It’s seems no time at all since I was last letting you know that it was my birthday. This year has flown: really, I can’t remember feeling like a year has ever passed as quickly as this one.  I don’t tend to make a song and dance about this occasion – although I’ve stretched to some shout-y exclamation marks for my title here. It’s just to alert you to the annual tradition of birthday discount codes. I’m offering 30% off jewellery this weekend and 20% off beads (click on these links for the shops). Here’s those all important codes: for jewellery, use the code BIRTHDAY30; and for beads, BIRTHDAY20.

I haven’t shared any images of my new ceramic beads on here; I’ve been meaning to do it for an age. A fair number of these have already sold but I like to keep a record of these things on my blog so apologies if you spot something that you want that’s not currently available (- or something you’ve already seen elsewhere!) However, I am in the process of making more beads so if there’s anything you’re interested in ordering, get in touch and I can let you know if that’s possible! More generally, I’d love to hear which beads in particular people like, then I have an idea of what I should make more of.  Anyway, on with the images:

Misc other

bead collage 2


bead collage 1

earring pairs blue

earring pairs trapezoids

bead collage 3

near beads


bead collage 4

earring pairs glazy daggers

other misc

bead collage 5

stain bead sets


other sets

bead collage 6


earring pairs trapezoids

Some of these and even more other beads are available in the shop.  Remember, that code (BIRTHDAY20) must be used to get 20% off.  I’ll leave you with a picture of a bracelet I recently relisted. It’s always been a bit of a favourite of mine.


It’s full of lovely luxe stuff and you can have it for just £33.25, if you use the discount code BIRTHDAY30. Here’s another link for the jewellery shop.  I think that’s everything covered -bye for now!

A little late: a smattering of new beads… and something new…

[NB. I wrote this post last weekend and planned to publish it when I put these new beads in the bead shop.  Anyway, there were so few beads, they sold very quickly so I didn’t get around to publishing it. Anyway, I’m just going to publish it because it’s there and written, etc….]

As you may know, I haven’t made many beads of late.  However, I had to get the clay out for a couple of things recently, so I decided to make a few bits for the shop. The tiny birds and geo patch birds I made a few weeks ago went well, so I decided to make a few more.

geo patch bird group

There are a number of the tiny pairs in different colours.

bird pairs

And a couple of loners, including this sweet wee blue guy.

pale blue bird

These are likely to be the last polymer beads I make for a while. Why?

complete potter

I’m trying my hand at ceramics. I did pottery for several years when I was younger and I’ve wanted to go back to it for some time.  There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve forgotten so I’m doing a course of classes. I’ve also got myself a big lump of clay at home. I’m not sure how it will all work out (whether I’ll get a kiln or get firings done elsewhere, for example) but I’m enjoying it immensely.

ceramic beads

So, I’m putting the polymer to one side for now to focus on ceramics.  Accordingly, I’m afraid I won’t be taking custom orders for a while.  So, this batch of birds will be it for the time being.

BSBP: From Lori to me

Okay, I’m back to share the fabulous soup that Lori sent to me.  But where to start?  It arrived beautifully packaged.

cute bag

How sweet is this wee baggie? Love the vintage button particularly (of course!)  There was yet more pleasing packaging inside this.

gift boxes

Both of these boxes arrived with beautiful bows, but I’d already stuck my eager, greedy beak inside the dark one before I remembered I was supposed to be taking pictures.  Now for the wonders inside. I’m crazy about these.

lampwork glass

The large ones are from Jane Perala and they’re fab. I’m glad I got them as part of this soup because if I’d got them any other way I’d be sure to hoard them for forever. Lori can’t remember who made the little lampies but they’re very nice too. And guess what? These aren’t even the focal(s).  Look –

focal and clasp

Apparently Lori has been hoarding these for some time. How kind?! They’re Thai Hill Tribe silver (99%), which I’ve never used before. The smaller butterfly is a clasp. I have a bit of an idea brewing for these. Hope I can make it work!  I don’t tend to use bright silver very often so that’s going to be a new thing to think on.  And while we’re talking silver…

pewter and silver

Lori also included these dinky sterling lantern-ish spacers. So much silver! The large twists are pewter, as are the little rings.  I’ve got a bit a plan for those too.  There’s more:

glass and pearls

I love these big coin pearls!  And a bit of a coincidence: the faux sea glass looks very similar to the recycled glass that I sent to Lori.  I do like its frostiness!  And finally, I’d mentioned to Lori that I love czech glass…

czech glass

See how the bag was neatly matched to what was inside!  Here’s everything together:

full soup from lori

Didn’t I do well?!  To see what I sent to Lori head here.

Obviously, I can’t begin to say a big enough ‘thank you’ to Lori, but

THANK YOU, LORI !!!!!!!!!


BSBP: From me to Lori

So, it’s Bead Soup Blog Party time again.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Here’s a post from last year, which explains it all.  I started putting my soup together a wee while ago. I was ordering a stack of stuff from a certain online shop where you can buy all manner of beady goods, including art beads. I took a bit of a ‘Friday night shop’ approach to it, finding a focal and clasp, then slinging various other matching items into my cart.  It was really the focal and clasp that determined the rest of the soup ingredients. I ended up going with a colour that I don’t use much myself – green.

focal and clasp

(enamel leaf – CKoop, clasp – Miss Fickle Media)

It’s not that I don’t like green – I do! I just seem to overlook it.  There are certain greens I love – like lime and chartreuse.  But it isn’t one of my go-to colours.  It’s not just the case with designing; I barely ever buy green clothing, for example. I’m not consciously avoiding it. I just find that it’s missing when I look for it. Anyway, enough about my green issues. I haven’t introduced my partner.  She doesn’t really need an introduction.  It’s Lori Anderson, who’s only the blimmin’ organiser of this whole swap thing! Obviously, I was stoked and more than a bit surprised when I discovered that Lori was my partner. And then I was struck with SIC (Soup Inferiority Complex).  ‘How many soups must Lori have cast her eye over’, I thought. ‘Surely mine is going to seem wanting’.  But I’d already ordered the focal and clasp and various other bits, so I resisted the temptation to scrap my plans.  Here’s the rest of what I’ve sent to Lori. I know she’s received it – apparently, her son, Zack, was very taken with the leaf, which was good to hear!

soup in full 1

There’s a couple of strands of recycled glass, which I bought when I got the focal and clasp.

recycled glass

Then I pulled together a mix of other miscellaneous green stuff. misc green

Inevitably, there’s a couple of Petra bits, along with some dark green leather and some czech glass leaves/drops/top-drilled thingummies. I included that big painted wood rectangle as a bit of a curve ball. I’ve actually got two strands of them, one green and one fuchsia pink. I bought them because I liked the look of them but I didn’t have a clue what I’d do with them. Putting this soup together, I actually came up with a necklace design using one, so that was neat. Anyway, I thought I’d challenge Lori with one too. To counter all the green, I added in a bunch of semi-precious – quartzes mainly, and some coffee jasper.


Very Spring-y, I thought.  Here’s the whole soup again.

full soup 2

I’m really intrigued to see what Lori comes up with. The reveal day is 3rd May.  I have received the most fabulous soup from Lori, which rather puts mine to shame, but hey ho!  I’ll be back to share it very soon – hopefully tomorrow!

FLASH SALE and Earrings, Earrings, Earrings!

So, it’s been a lovely day here in Frome – proper sunshine and everything!  What better excuse for a flash sale.  You can get 25% off all jewellery using the discount code HERECOMESTHESUN25.  Click here to head to the shop. The code will be active for the whole weekend. There are a few pieces that are waiting to be listed, which you can see if you look at the last couple of posts.  Also, I’ve been having a bit of an earring making spree over the last couple of days.  If you’re interested in any of these, let me know and I’ll get them listed so you can get 25% discount.


(ceramic connectors and bead caps – Scorched Earth)


(ceramic rounds – Bo Hulley)


(lampwork – Puffafish, ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

watch men


In a mist

Here’s another link to the shop. Here’s the code again: HERECOMESTHESUN25.  I hope you’ll find something to treat yourself to.  Bye for now!

Return of the market

So, my monthly markets resume tomorrow.  The event has been renamed and rebranded and is now called the Frome Independent. I’ve got my table plan sorted – although, looking at it, I’m thinking there may be too many bracelets.  There’s no table cloth on here so it doesn’t look so great. IMG_3046

I also managed to catch Dexy mid-shake. Despite the prep and various other commitments, I’ve managed to get a few new pieces made over the last week or so.

primary hearts_edited-1

(lampwork hearts – Keeley Kenyon)

emerald standard 1

(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)


I got this neat hemp cord with blended colours –


I’m easily pleased! I’ve been trying it out in a couple of bracelets.


(polymer heart – Rejetta Sellers, polymer round – LC Beads, painted driftwood – Nature Scavenger)

What you can’t see in that picture is this dinky vintage dog charm, which matching rainbow ears!

bonzo detail

Here’s a very simple piece – I’m not sure what to do with it, really. I just wanted to see all those lovely colours braided together.

taffy plat

Shame the rubbish light doesn’t let you see them!  Here’s another disappointing photo!

owl band

(ceramic owl – Majoyoal)

It’s a pity cos I’m quite pleased with it.  More owls here:

serious owls

(ceramic owls – Majoyoal)

lagoon shells

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

magenta line 1

(lampwork rondelle – Moogin, tin caps – Lorelei Eurto Hill)

polka drops

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

amber iron 1

(rusty drops – Something to do Beads)

So, all these and more will be available tomorrow, 10am – 3pm, in Frome town centre.  Somehow, I’ve forgotten to add a price tag to these.  And they haven’t made it into the stock box…

lagoon crescents

(ceramic crescents – Happy Fish)

I really want to keep them… Is that allowed?


Sales – extended – and Earrings

So, I’m a little late wishing you all a happy new year.  I’ve had a busy, busy, busy last few days/week; so much so, I didn’t even get chance to blog about – or really promote – the fact that I was running sales in both the jewellery shop and the bead shop.  To compensate, I’ve extended both sales and they’ll run until the weekend.  There’s 25% off everything in the jewellery shop.  Just enter the discount code NEWYEAR25.  I have found time to make a few new pairs of earrings.  These aren’t listed yet but if you’d like them, they can be bought with the 25% discount.  Just email me (through Etsy or or leave a comment here.  This pair would normally be £22.00, but with the discount they’ll be £16.50.

In her stead

(ceramic connectors – Scorched Earth)

This next pair would normally be £19.00; discounted they’re £14.25.

ocean assym

(ceramic scallop drops – Scorched Earth)

These feathery jobs will be £19.50 full price, but with 25% off they’re £14.60. (Apologies for the light – my camera seems to find this colour combo particularly disagreeable.)

feathered stacks 1

(enamel matchsticks – Numinosity Beads)

This pearly pair with vintage glass drops will be £15.50, so you can have them now at just £11.60

bone top drops

I’m starting to sound like one of those sofa warehouse sale adverts, aren’t I?  So I’ll stop that now.  This pair has already sold:


(ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

As for the bead shop, it’s now looking pretty bare but there are still goods to be had.  I’d like to clear out as much of the current stock as possible – no particular reason, just fancy filling the shop up anew when I finally get around to making some new pieces.  So, I’m offering a hoofing great 50% off everything and to add further enticement, I can tell you that I’ll be adding in extra extras with each order!  You’ve got to love free beads, after all!  The discount code is SPRINGCLEAN50.  Like I said, it’s pretty bare but there is still a wee owl waiting for a home, some nice rusty, crusty pieces, and this pretty white word pebble bead.

close white

In fact, if you want this one, you should grab it soonish because I have it in mind for something I might make.

As I mentioned last time, this blog is nearly a year old.  In fact, I wrote the first post on 10th January last year.  I foolishly shared a number of new year resolutions.  I can’t actually remember what they all were but I doubt I’ll have stuck to them.  Anyway, I’ll be back in a few days for some (late – inevitably) new year ruminations and to see whether I did actually manage to stick to any of last years resolutions….

GIVEAWAY and FREE SHIPPING! Merry Christmas and Thank you!

A giveaway is long, long overdue!  I said I’d do one to mark reaching 200 likers on Facebook and I’m nearly at 300 now.  So, to thank you Facebook followers and to spread a bit of Christmas cheer, I’m going to give away this bracelet which featured in the Christmas issue of Beads and Beyond.snowbound


All you need to do is leave a comment on this post.  It would be great if you could spread the word about this giveaway, so if you share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., please leave extra comments saying where you’ve shared and you’ll have a greater chance of winning!  The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday evening and I’ll get the bracelet in the post so that, if you’re in the UK, you’ll have it in time for Christmas.  If you’re not in the UK you can, of course, still enter – it’s just unlikely that the bracelet will be with you before Christmas!

Huge thanks again to everyone who has supported both my shops in the last year.  When I get to 300 likes on Facebook I’ll do another giveaway – and I’ll make sure I do it more promptly next time!

The other piece of news I have to share is that I’m offering free shipping this week up to midday on 19th December, the last post day for Christmas delivery.  Just enter the code FREESHIP when you check out.  Click here to head to the shop!  This offer is available to UK and overseas customers.  Your orders will be sent either by UK 1st Class or standard Airmail.

Thanks again!

BLACK FRIDAY – CYBER MONDAY offers / New Jewellery

With these two markets taking place this weekend, I’ve been a bit unsure what to do about Black Friday-Cyber Monday offers.  I’m sure I must have sufficient stock, but I don’t really want to be offering a discount online whilst selling things full price, and I don’t have the tech-skills to keep the shop open and remove items that sell at the market.  So, reluctantly, I’ll be shutting the jewellery shop on Saturday and Sunday.  But, come Monday, I’ll be offering 20% off all jewellery with the discount code CYBER20, and I’ll run this offer through the week until some time next weekend (haven’t settled on that detail yet).  Fancy a preliminary browse?: click here.  The bead shop is not as full as I’d like, so to compensate and tempt you in, I’m offering a hoofing great 25% off!  And – guess what? – since you’re taking the time to read this, I can tell you that the code is already active: CYBER25!  There’s still a couple of pages of goodies to be had, including this wee guy:

verd copper owl face

Now, I mentioned yesterday that I have a few new jewellery designs to share.  There are quite a number… The pieces that don’t sell will be available on Monday to buy at the discounted price, although I won’t have chance to get all these new things listed by then.  So, if anything here takes your fancy but you want to hold out till Monday to get the discount, just drop me a line, here or through Etsy, and – if it hasn’t sold over the weekend – I’ll get it listed for you promptly.  Okay, I think that’s all the details covered.  Here’s the new stuff – like I said, there’s, ahem, quite a number…

blue tower

(raku tower – Jubilee)


(painted pebble – Plymouth Rocks)

couple of kooks

(patinated pods – Something to do Beads)

ombre pebbles

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)

pale pansy

(polymer flower – Elise Canning, ceramic flowers – Captured Moments)


(polymer pear – Rejetta Sellers)

champagne petals

(enamel bead – Gardanne)

pyrite pebbles

(painted pebbles – Plymouth Rocks)


(polymer penguin – Rejetta Sellers)

pop pewter bird

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)

cool blue bear

(Ruddy winter light!!!)

(ceramic bead – Jo Lucksted)

bound quartz

(and again, damn it!)

(lampwork lentil – Moogin)

feathered shards

(polymer beads – Beads by Earthtones)

deep sea finds

(copper pendant – Swirl Bead, ceramic drop, cap and spike – Scorched Earth, polymer pod – Something to do Beads)

Forest Stag

(ceramic stag bead – Jo Lucksted)

long tall skinny

(metal drops – 4 Ophelia)

mixed coins

(ceramic lentil – Golem, polymer coin – Something to do Beads)

pearl bird

(damn, damn, damn!)

(ceramic bird – Blueberribeads, ceramic discs – Scorched Earth)

picasso coins

(ceramic charms – Scorched Earth)

royal coins

(decoupage coins – Eryka Garbutt)


(polymer round – Orly Fuchs Galchen, pitted ceramic bead – Happy Fallout)

silver leaves


(lampwork beads – Cat Lampwork)

square swirl

(polymer cube – Swirl Bead, enamel charm – Gardanne)

There’s still more, believe it or not… here’s the ones with no art beads –

faded feathers



jasper blooms

royal vintage

square columns


You made it!  That’s the lot!