Bead Shop Update – Tuesday 8/10/13, 6.30pm

I’ve finally got some new beads to share.  I’ll be updating the bead shop tomorrow evening, at about 6.30.  I have lots of bead designs that I want to try out but I just haven’t had the time or space to get on with them.  So, it isn’t a very big update; but, with autumn arriving, there had to be some rusty leaves.

rusty leaves

And some verdigris ones, whilst I was at it.

verdigris leaves

There’ll be some other rusty pieces, including these pendants.

pendants group

And I’ve cooked up more of the autumn chains, along with more verdigris and blue chain.

russet autumn chain

Beside these, I’ve made some of the old favourites, in autumn and winter shades.

winter houses group

winter autumn owls

white word beads

All these and more will be available in the bead shop tomorrow evening, about 6.30pm.

leaf group

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